• bylarm_day4

    By:Larm review – day 4

    Feeling refreshed and with no memory of the transgressions of the night before I was adamant to correct my wrongdoings of missing out on Hilma Nikolaisen’s set on Thursday. So I showed up at Sentrum Scene moments before she and her band walked out on stage, finding the venue and its inhabitants in a very […] …

  • bylarmday3

    By:Larm review – day 3

    On this third day of by:Larm I was determined to explore the outskirts, undercurrents and fringe activity of the official program: The so-called Off:Larm side of things. I just had no clue on precisely how off I would get off track… The chosen venue for this evening was the inviting site of Tilt, most known […] …

  • bylarm-2015_2

    By:Larm review – day 2

    Going into the second day of by:Larm made the impressions from the first evening feel like a completely different experience. In many ways it could be summed up in 90s action-movie terms as “Now it’s on!” or “Shit’s getting real!” or even “They’re bringing out the big guns now!” But it truly did feel like […] …

  • bylarm-2015_day1

    By:Larm review – day 1

    Our fresh faced writer Michael Lomax reports from the world of By:larm News flash: This is the first time Bad Sounds writes anything positive about Norwegian hip hop. Enjoy! —————- Fresh off the many impressions left behind of the baffling performance of guitar legend Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society band last night at […] …

  • opf

    OSLO PSYCH FEST – RITUAL 2015 announcement

    OPF is back for another year; this time the festival will take place between the 8th and 10th of October at Revolver and Vulkan. Here is their announcment: “After a fantastic Oslo Psych Fest 2014, and swearing to never do it again due to sheer exhaustion the boys are back and ready to announce the […] …

  • bs2015

    2015: Another bitter year

    It’s been a long break here at Bad Sounds. Why? Well, we just haven’t given a fuck. Also we’re not doing many new reviews these days, cuz we heard a rumour that music is over. The internet is broken and all bands have disbanded because all songs have been written…there is no originality left. Ok, […] …





Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 17.42.53


Jan 18 • 105 Views • No Comments

Having driven for hours upon hours on roads swept with sand, dusty settlements, wild horses and the occasional living being, we arrived at the ghost town of Kolmanskop …



Procrastination has to be one of the merits of vacations, that deep seated knowledge that it truly can wait until tomorrow (or 2 months in …

Apr 22 • 417 Views



2015: Another bitter year

Feb 4 • 159 Views • No Comments

It’s been a long break here at Bad Sounds. Why? Well, we just haven’t given a fuck. Also we’re not doing many new reviews these days, cuz we heard a …


Signal/// – An Eternal Recurrence

Exclusive premier of the new Signal/// video hot off the presses! “An Eternal Recurrence” is the second …

Jan 26 • 86 Views

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