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8 .7 Nekrospalms  by  Obliteration
Released: 23/11/2009 • Label: Fysisk Format

I feel like I have been skull fucked by a rabid antelope.

Rarely these days have death metal releases caught me off-guard. Most of them tread the familiar skunk infested paths of stinky jeans and sour breath infusing itself onto badly recorded/badly mixed/badly written records thrust out onto the pale public via a metal label in Bucharest or perhaps Gdansk. CD covers with indecipherable logos squashed together in brutal spider web scrawls, titles including the word “vomitorium” or “lucifer” branding images of decaying corpses or upside down crosses dipped in blood. Its a statement of intent that rarely produces music equal to the promise of the packaging.

In Obliteration’s case, the Kolboten band return with a record that will finally breathe some life into the stifling library of death metal.

This is old school. Without all the trimmings, the gimmicks and gadgets, the insipid forays into electronica.. this is bare-bone-fuck-you-fist-in-your-goddamn-face-spitting-teeth-metal. Riffs the size of fucking FUCK. Furious drumming that branches out from the long enamored legacy of death metals history, and yet managing to kick you in the guts with some disturbingly thought out fills…

The energy and atmosphere of a live show has somehow founds its way into the studio. Songs bristling with the adrenaline a band feels drenched in sweat and doused by heavy lights and occasional beers. None of the distance/separation of being in a studio seem to affect the outcome.

“Ingesting Death” starts achingly down-tempo, grinding along with a tense duty, vocals raw and guttural, guitars overlaying then splitting, drums steady……Just shy of three minutes in the song escapes into a bombardment of torpor…. chaotic and nervy yet holding back in some strange way.. setting the tone for the songs to come.

“Catacombs of Horror” paves the way for the rest of the record to unfold. 42 minutes of brutal brutal catharsis…. the truth of this record is its “straightforwardness”. Finally a band that puts the music first and doesn’t spend their waking moments attempting to incorporate Indonesian flutes, Senegalese conk shells, Puerto Rican harps into the ever evolving umbrella of metal. A band who pay homage to their forefathers but also just made a fucking raw, metal record. Songs that evolve, switch from the extreme to the more sedated parts, yet maintaining their tension, if not only for the anticipation of whats to come.

Nekrospalms‘ Evoke “The Frozen Age” manages to inflict the effect of having drunk 30 shots of fernet, blind drunk as a pig wandering around a theme park, disoriented by the bright lights and sounds, stumbling onto a rollercoaster and spending the next few minutes of your life hurtling through the night, blurry eyed, confused, arms outstretched in either elation or horror, claustrophobic, dizzying to the point of throwing up, and yet somehow enjoying every damn minute of it.

There is always the option of pressing the stop button and returning to the stationary world, but its so tempting to stay on.

I have had this record on repeat for almost 5 days now… never tiring of the fact that once again a band has managed what so few do, to deliver a record.. a whole record… not just one good song wrapped in 30 minutes of filler. Although, 8 days of constant death metal has perhaps quickened my thirst for beer… something that I will have to relinquish in the hopes of returning to work on Monday.

This is feral abandon.


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