Social behaviour-tips and tricks for the new year

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Dude, you’re probably going to some party, dinner-party, vernisage or thing this week-end, maybe with your partner, well I might have a message for you then.

Up to very recently it has been my belief (and I have bluntly ignored any sign of anything else) that jealous partners were not a problem for us, –us hip and cool people all about music and artforms and design and party’s, all going, –oh did u see that movie Drive? -no I just saw the cartoon, think it really captured the essence of the film and the violence though, -what?, but didn’t u say u haven’t seen the movie..? …and so on.

– How naïve right?

As it turns out, this iz not the case.

I’m not your sex- or relationship-expert or whatever, and I’m trying not to go all Carrie Bradshaw on you’re faces here, apologizes if I do. This is seen from a friends perspective, and since I’m a girl, I see torn girlfriends that’re just so disappointed with their boyfriends because they’re all up in their business when they’re out, -haven’t you been talking to the guitarplayer in turbo-wolves(or whatever) a little long now?, and just like me, they were thinking, -this is not a problem for us right?, we’re better than this …right? Guess not.

If you’re out, at a party, whatever, and your gal’s smiling, talking to this other dude, the correct behavior is to take her to the side and ask, but really tell her that she’s been talking to that dude a little long.


If u thunk it, consider this: You’re at a party. Because you’re such hip and cool people. Or, u’re at a party cause you can’t be on the sofa staring in each other eyes all the time.

She’s talking to someone (also sometimes called conversating). It could be someone of the opposite sex. She might be smiling, laughing even, but even though she doesn’t think this guy is super-duper-funny, wouldn’t it just be the polite thing to to? – Maybe they have something in common that u don’t know. Cus’ you’re not part of the conversation. And it has probably nothing to do with her intentions to let him stick his **** in her *****.

She’s the girl u fell for. ‘Cus she’s just so charming and hot. You think every other guy thinks so to. They might, they might not. You really don’t know. [no really, can’t know that.]

And again, this is the girl u fell for cause of her charm and stuff. Now what do u want her to do? -Not be smiling so much when you’re at a party please? -Not be talking any longer than four minutes to guys you could feel threatened by?

Just consider that you’re asking someone to change their behavior who’s done nothing wrong.

And also, it is virtually impossible to please a jealous person, simply cause the feeling is irrational. If you let it get to you, you lost.

Hey, if your girl was dictating your behavior you, your friends would probably call her controlling b****!

So dudes (and gals also): Have faith that your partner is with u because they want to, they want you. Stop making your better half feeling shit about themselves when they’ve done nothing but be a normal social person. I’m telling you, this is why you’re gonna lose her/him. If she really actually let someone else’s **** into her *****, you can only hope that you’ve shown her so much respect that she respects you to therefore, tell you she’s disrespectfully fucked u over.

Now go have fun and if your paranoid alter-ego shows up, just tell it to shut it, ‘cus you’re having a good time and you’re better than that, yeah I’m better than dat. (Yes I just quoted J-lo and it’s never gonna happen again in my life.)

Peace, Julia.


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