LTSB Present: Magical Medicine night

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Medicated and Gentlemen!

You are hereby OFFICIALLY invited to our Magical Medicine night!

Our main attraction of the night is none other than the mythological DJ Dead Herring II, as interpreted by DR STURT. It has been 4 years since his predecessor, DJ Dead Herring, …was hanging from a thread in the roof of the old sportsbar in Gamlebyen.

After a magical evening that set the standards of dead herrings miing 60-70’s proto metal and Psychedelic Rock together with MAGICAL music from the ranks of PRIVATE to GENERAL, throughout the ages of RECORDED music. Now his dead relative DJ Dead Herring II is here and once again Dr. Sturt will interpret his set with his Magic STETOSCOPE.

DJ Maya and DJ Tomi will also be treating you with medicine for your condition alongside STURT, who is not only known as a SHAMANISTIC WITCH DOCTOR who communicates with the DEAD aquatic creatures with SUPER HUMAN knowledge to FANTASTIC MUSIC, but allso is known to be the CURRENT WORLD RECORD holder in band appearances.

Current ACTIVE projects involve, WHIP (no), Troll, Nöd, Allegro Rubato, Taliban Airways, Throat Violence (NO/IT) amongst many öthers.

Sturt is also known to be a boyfriend of music. Not only a LOVER. He has a vast knowledge of genres as Proto METAL, Psychedelic rock and RICK. NWOBHM, Punk, Crust, THRASH, Prog, 60’s POP, and INSANE music from the solar system. AND he knows How to mix it.

His LEGENDARY Let The Streets Burn sampler, “Jeff Goldblum must dye” has for instance been described by Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell as an Insane Accomplishment. Genres that normally don’t mix very well, goes together like horse and carriage here. A sampler of EPIC proportions

He is also known to be LTSB’s main graphical ARTIST, and it is to him we owe our GRATITUDE for the fantastic visual LAYOUT our concepts have. AND most of the POSTERS are designed by him.

ASS always VJ Necromantico will be screening 8 mm. movies on his homemade hempmade CANVAS, you would NOT want your mother to know you are watching. But perhaps your nephew. (probably not though)

We have another DJ name to reveal.

There is a rumour about a DJ Bendik. Who is this mythological Bendik. His knowledge of MUSIC is as vast as a void is deep. His collection of records is virtually a library.

So reorganize your agenda, if you haven’t already and take a hike with us.

At Hells Kitchen, Møllergata 23 in Oslo

See you there
DJ Tomi & Maya

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