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Alright Oslo, listen up. Here’s two nights you don’t wanna miss– Rob Lowe from Lichens and OM‘s collaborative project QUEEQUEG (named after the savage cannibal in Moby Dick) with fellow Yankee metalists are fleeing the land of the free, to play Norway in a one-off, once-in-a-lifetime show. The first night begins on Saturday, March 3 at Revolver, along with Heksed from Norway. Then followed by a gig with the all-mighty NIDINGR on Sunday. That’s Mayhem guitarist Teloch, Kort Prosess vocalist(!!), formerly Hellhammer and now Myrvoll on drums, and some other heavy-hitting dudes.

“Unmoored from the New World and set adrift in the darkness, QUEEQUEG is a pitch black scream, the whirlpool that drowns us all. A Blackened collaboration between Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (Liturgy), Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers/Hatewave), Nick McMaster (Krallice), and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens/OM). QUEEQUEG is invocation – a death ship from beyond, setting its anchor on Norwegian shores for the first (and last) time.”

Since there’s absolutely zilch published on the WWW on QUEEQUEG, here’s a primer from Rob Lowe himself.

First of all can you describe QueeQueg to those who haven’t heard of you yet.

physicality of sound. introduction of phenomenology.

Is Queequeg a “side-project” of sorts since all of you are in other full-time bands or is this something you are considering for the long term?

more of an event than a side project. this is a happening.

What are the main influences for the bands music?

the sublime… alchemy

How did all of you meet and decide to form the band?

we are all comrades with a common goal sonic in nature. the experience of exchanging these ideas and making them something tangible is what only makes sense.

You will be playing 2 shows over the weekend at Revolver in Oslo. There is a film team coming to document the 2 shows, can you tell us a little bit about that and how you all got in touch.

the film is a document. the film makers and i collaborators. this is an extension of a concept envisioned by ben russell and ben rivers. to detail almost a sort of phase transition, the sublimation. the end result, one section of a triptych, is meant for gallery installation and cinema.

Is the songwriting a group effort or are there one or two people involved creatively?

songwriting is a complete group effort. we all bring ideas to the front and shape them into our sound.

Do you have any favourite artists/painters/photographers/writers/film-makers who have had a profound influence on the bands aesthetic sense?

Manley Hall, Aleister Crowley

Are you playing in any other countries on this stint or are the Oslo shows the only concerts?

these will be our only performances currently.

Thanks dood! Check out these songs below.

Allegory of the Holy Trinity by QUEEQUEG

Metallurgists, Sons of Fire by QUEEQUEG

Tickets for the first night with Heksed (N) here, and tickets for NIDINGR (N) + QUEEQUEG can be bought via Tiger here.






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    have they released/posted any music not on soundcloud?

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