LTSB Presents : Ecclectic Hellfire Club’s Elephants Egg Night

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“Do you know what day it is today?” “STREETBURNING DAY!!!!”

The only important question asked on a Friday such as today, some four-ty thousand years ago, in the laden cupboards of Gamlebyen’s past. My fellow conspirators back then, a sordid group of music junkies shrouded in Mexican wrestling masks, cobwebs, pant mountains and cigarette butts, gathered on an hourly basis in the pinkest black metal party house– “Smooth’s Court” or the Oslo Sportsbar– and was led by the two T’s, Tommy “Darts king” Schwaiger, and Suomi Tomi, aka. DJ Lobotomi, plus a supporting cast of illustrious characters, vaktmesters, winos, tøfler-wearing grandpas, misfits, dry Alta humor, and actual women.

We’re hoping each month various members of the club will take the reigns of a new column here at Bad Sounds, dedicated to following and introducing the public to the most unpredictable and cantankerously fun music phenomenon to happen in Oslo-–LET THE STREETS BURN.

We’d also like kick this series off by publishing some of the old DJ compilations from back in the day. Got some classic cover artwork and mixes from DJ Harald Fossberg ((Død Oter, Hærværk, Turbonegro), Serena Maneesh’s DJ Emil Nikolaisen, DJ Nattepenis, DJ David Dajani (Pirate Love), DJ Stressminster Sindre (Obliteration, Nekromantheon), DJ NecromanTICO, DJ Ghostriders ThomAce & Einz Sjursø (Virus), DJ Sturt (Whip) and the ever-present, DJ Fenriz.

But in the meantime, raise your glasses TONIGHT to another round of streetburnin’. And for all the latest updates, follow the club here.

“A new season of LTSB is over us and we will as we have never done before mark this with our ANNUAL Elephants Egg night.

We have an EXCITING spring ahead of us with a long line of FANTASTIC DJ’s who are at this moment jumping up and down in their headsets of excitement to share their own secret elephant eggs with you.

The marbles you listen to at home when you for one reason or another feel a bit euphoric or nostalgic, perhaps. Those marbles are the Elephant Eggs. They are huge. public transport wont take them, and a public hatching takes it’s toll.

Our hatching team this evening consists of :

The amazing EINAR SJURSØ aka. DJ Einz aka. ESSO, aka. Clubshoes, aka. Necrodevil from the cellars of the underground of OSLO. He is a musician in bands as VIRUS, Lamented Souls, Beyond Dawn and INFERNÖ and the man behind desk in DUPLICATE RECORDS he will smear your ears with loaf, BUTTER and crust. This is the man who is known to LIVE SOFT & DIE HARD. Expect some scrambled DUMBO on that toast.

The enigmatic and charming underground legend HEGE SEIFF aka. DJ Hege Selvsagt will play the most MAGICAL tunes she knows, and she will most likely crack some Ivory-owners in her Omelette of dreams, GROOVE, soul and funky vibes, that spans the the musical history WITH such knowledge only someone with an elephants memory can remember.

Some people DRINK to remember, some people drink to FORGET.

And our SPECIAL guest for the Hatching, The newborn LTSB phenomenon, DJ Joao Caveira from PsychoWard club His reputation as a CARROT-PROVIDER for musicloving donkeys at REVOLVER as a DJ, is all over town. WE are excited to have him with us this evening

Fortunately we have an element of contrast.

Ernesto “Tico” Pulido aka. VJ Necromantico will be spinning bad super 8 films on the wall. When we say bad, we mean the kind of stuff you wouldn’t show your Mother, but perhaps your nephew. We would allso like to announce that TICO is now formely included as co-organizer and chief of 8mm. reels. We did this So HE can brag about it, without lying.

The LTSB crew would like to see all of you OLD STREETBURNERS in our new settings. I know you love GAMLEBYEN. We do too. But there was no future for us there, so we moved on to keep the FLAMES alive.

Perhaps we one day will be an Gamlebyen club again. But we will remain. And we come back again, and again.

All you new faces. Come back again too. we got candy. Giveaways, sampletrading, flirting, musical networking and AMAZING music.

See you around!
DJ Tomi & DJ Maja
LTSB Egghatchers”



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