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8 .1 various mp3s and seven-inches EP  by  Dark Times
Released: 11/29/2011 • Label: Sheep Chase Records

Dude! This EP kicks so much ass! Just as I was about to throw in the towel after witnessing the 1340989 billionth: video of macho dudes interlacing goth whores with forests and, themselves moshing; poster over-filled with corny ass metal fonts; neo-hardcore scenster who supports liberal politics on one hand, then annually renews his porn subscriptions AND neck tattoos on the other– this band comes as refreshingly as a slice of key lime pie with heavily spiked coffee.

Dark Times have a DC-era contagion of bands like SCREAM, guitar savvyness of GREG GINN, the grooviness of HAMMERHEAD, and a sprinkle of one of my all-time favorite girl hardcore bands THE NEED. I know, I know you’re thinking– it’s like only 4 tracks, aren’t you overcompensating for the lack of estrogen this time of the month? Well no, fuck you and fuck the old noodle rags who read music magazines for their coverage of politics, Bon Iver and Alicia Keys. If you think Lana Del Ray is “music with attitude” then Dark Times will blow a fucking missile through your puny brain.

Check out the songs yrself on Bandcamp:


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