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Hellfire Clubs Elephant’s Egg night @ Hell’s Kitchen // 03.02.12

Our annual Elephants Egg night was a massive success. Fortunately only imaginary Elephants were present along the bunch of old Streetburners from Gamlebyen, as well as our new faces after making the transition from our old harbour in the Oslo Sportsbar.

And VJ Necromantico was spinning 8 mm reels on a homemade canvas throughout the evening. Classics as the first Muppet Show movie, and various horror flicks and cartoons gave the visual atmosphere a good Elephant’s Egg hatching needs.

DJ Tomi

x’lents with Born on the Bayou 1970 (India)
To set the Elephant standard for the night, the UNRATED genre
Simla Beat was my choice. This EGG is the result you got
at that time in India. Western Rock hit the shores of the Malabar coast and
Indians picked up the blues roots, using their own traditional instruments together
with plugged guitars.

Shogun Kunitoki with Mulberg 2010 (Finland)
This track is like a waterfall of bubbles in my head. A creamcake of
psychedelic organic electronical proportions. I always throw in some
instrumentals in my sets as bridges between styles. Prevents people from
singing along as well. Hahaha.

Robert Savage with 7 days drunk 1971 (US?)
This song from this proto-metal band almost always, sometimes makes me thirsty.
30 something is so yesterday. Thirsty, (or something) is so now.
A 24/7 party anthem that also works for me.

Mach “Sigis” Porter with Sunday in neon lights 1972 (Ghana)
Something as bizarre as west African Doom metal from the early 70’s.
Starting of with an Indian Elephant Egg, it only seemed natural to conclude
my set with this African Elephant Egg.

DJ Einz

Beastmilk with The Wind blows through theirs Skulls 2011 (Finland/UK)
Absoulutely fantastic blend of Roky Erickson and the Misfits, or “Apocalyptic Post-Punk” as they call it themselves. From their debut-cassette (!) white stains on black tape.

Nightmare with Witch Woman 1979 (UK)
Obscure B-side that sounds like it was recorded today. Nasty garagepunk on acid, with touches of Alice Cooper, Cramps, Suicide and probably a source of inspiration for the Devil’s Blood. They even got a hornsection iluding trafficsounds in true 70’s spirit. Magical.

PUHDYS with T¸ren ˆffnen sich zur Stadt 1971 (DDR)
I know absultely NADA about these germans with the weird name, but this song rocks. Sounds a bit like Uriah Heep at a Giallo-movie Black Mass in the 70’s. Very weird, and very cool.

Gerilja with Lightning Death 2012 (Norway)
Not many albums I look forward to more than, Gerilja’s full length debut album. This teaser from the upcoming release sounds just as promising as I had expected. It promises to be megalomatic and a breakthrough for the band.

DJ Maya

Smak with Ponocni Lovac 1978 (Yugoslavia)
Best Serbian 70’s band. This song is a musical masterpiece.

Blue Oyster Cult with Astronomy 1974 (US)
Most underrated band. This song takes you on a journey, so lay back and let it take you there

Grand Funk Railroad with Inside looking out (Animals Cover) 1969 (US)
One of my favourite cover songs. Amazing band.

Plasmatics with The Damned 1982 (US)
The year I was born. Maybe that’s why this is my favorite punk metal song!

 DJ Hege Selvsagt

Shirley Ellis with The Clapping Song 1965 (US)
Written by Lincoln Chase. Frequently used in TV Adds. Tunes from Commercials have their ways of sneaking into the subconscious. So they work well on the town as well. This crowd-pleaser kicks up the beat.

Aneka with Japanese Boy 1981
Was # 1 in the UK Charts in August ’81. A typical one hit wonder I’ve heard on the radio all years. Perfect when you feel a bit 80’ish, or Japanese for that matter.

Ace Frehley with Back in the New York Groove 1978 (US)
From his selftitled first Solo-album. Old Elm Street classic. This one gets all my boys in partymode. A song to make ¥em strut. (Elm Strut ed.)

Next evening is Friday the 2th of March

LTSB presents : Hellfire Club’s Magic Medicine night with DJ Dead Herring II as interperated by Dr. Sturt and featuring special guest star, DJ Bendik.

As always VJ Necromantico and DJ Maya & DJ Tomi

At Hells Kitchen, Møllergata 23 in Oslo

Start at 2200 ends suddenly at 0300, due to some regulations.

CC : 0

DJ Einz & DJ Hege // Photo credit: Elisabeth Horvei

////////////////// DJ Einz is a member/ex-member of more or less obscure ensembles as Virus, Lamented Souls, Two Trains, Bomberos, Infernˆ and Beyond Dawn. Han har et hjerte av metall, og en smak av gull. Og et hÂr av ull. Ittno tull!
//////////////////////// DJ Hege Selvsagt is a Writer, painter, songwriter and DJ, who grabs the balls on Culture, to have her say. She has been a influence on the Oslo-Underground since the early nineties, and has no plans on retiring. Check out her blog Metal Underground Oslo
//////////////////////////// DJ Maya and DJ Tomi are the organizers. Previously they’ve hosted events as Freaks on Groove in Rome, as well as Atomic Plant Club and LTSB in Gamlebyen, Oslo.


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