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8 .1 U.F.O. Over Dome Rock  by  NYMPH
Released: 01/10/2012 • Label: The Social Registry

Dylan Angell from Dead Elephant Bicycle and Dark Meat (who graced Øya some years back) has started playing trumpet in a band that makes us long for India. The sights and sounds, with one of our editors having grown up there, is something familiar. So when Nymph’s new video and single was released, it really caught our attention. Droney-psychedelia with all your favorite Popul Vul elements. Check it out below.

NYMPH’S compositional palette encompasses a shimmering kaleidoscope of sound: imagine 13th Floor Elevators essaying a Rahsaan Roland Kirk jam and you begin to get the picture. Or maybe Steve Reich bonging out on Pandit Pran Nath and jamming with This Heat.

NYMPH’s blissful spiritual vibrations and luxuriant execution of showering riffage are woven with an intuitive vocal expression largely free from the semantic bounds of lyric, ultimately finding form in a cavalcade of radiant melody & orgasmic modulation. Newly expanded to a 7-piece ensemble, NYMPH illuminates an extremely magnetic and ethereal live presence sculpted by the metronome of polyrhythmic tides, ebullient brass & subterranean harmonious drone.

Music video for the song “U.F.O. Over Dome Rock,” written, performed, recorded & produced by the band, NYMPH, from Brooklyn, NY. Super 8 film footage culled from filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz’ hitch-hiking sojourn across India and Southeast Asia. Edited by John Appleton from Ludowitz & Appleton’s full-length travelogue/documentary “A Quiet Place in the Universe” — on whose soundtrack NYMPH also appears.

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  1. Niceness. Hypnotic grooves and Don Cherry trumpets.

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