The Grim Reaper shows up in my dream as Mick Jagger…

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Sometimes my dreams make me totally embarrassed as to how boring I can be, but sometimes they’re strange. Today I didn’t realize my dream was scary until I thought it over.

I had just been told I was a total narcissist by a small group of people. They stood around me like a gang, colleagues or class-mates of mine or something. I walked along, brought down by these news, was I really a narcissist? what does that mean? –a narcissist? (I couldn’t really decide…), Guessss I could be… I’m awful...

Then a guy stopped me in the street and ask if he could take my picture. I wasn’t sure if he was a perv or a blogger or maybe both… It was Mick Jagger.

He had a black hat with a wide brim and a black shirt, he was old but good-looking. To his question if he could take my photo, I just shrugged “OK, whatever” cuz I was in such a bad mood.

While he was taking my picture (which was hard because I wore a cap wit “NY” on it (wtf, whatsup wit the hats already?!!), and while he was trying to get a picture of my face, I was looking down) he asked me something like –what do you find to be true in life? -or something, I don’t remember it word by word… I, still in the bad mood, answered that I didn’t know. –Nothing I guess, I said, but then I said –some love feels true, I can say that because it’s my experience…

Then I woke up and thought, how cliche was that?! Ugh.

During the afternoon it hit me that it must’ve been The Grim Reaper who stopped me, asking me about life and taking my photo. Not a good sign.

>Good thing I’m not superstitious then.

Anyway, onto fashion news.

Rachel Zoe’s debut collection is horrible.

I’m sorry but it’s the truth, and although I feel actual guilt posting such a harsh quote (originally titled this, “Maybe not rape-rape but definitely rape to my eyes”) and physically putting strains on myself not to be one of those who use the Internet as a toilet for all their negative spew, enough is enough.

OK, maybe not horrible like a Biblical flood. But at least worthless! I am just tired of talent-less work being credited as something worthy of anyone’s time and notice. Mark that I don’t say anything about Rachel Zoe, or anybody else for that matter, being talentless, she probably has a lot of talents, but a designer she is not.

Honestly, why should I buy any of these pieces?

I feel insulted.
The choice of color, the cut (what is UP with those slacks??), the schizophrenic style or rather, the lack of any, at least I couldn’t find the missing link between that “somewhat confused emo-goth-studio 64-esque black bag-dress” and “that swinging 60’s inspired white dress with some black pattern”.

Horribly placed ruffles.
The makeup is depressing.

"I love anorexia" Rachel Zoe

Is it just me? I mean COMEE ON! Feel free to think I’m some bitter betch, in my eyes, the case is more that I feel it so wasted and unfair even, to give someone praise merely because hers or his face is famous. This Rachel Zoe debut collection goes in the long list of cases like this, the collection is not impressive and it’s really not interesting just because, it’s Rachel Zoe.

I guess my point is; I miss real talent being credited for real talent.
I miss a focus on the work over the person behind it, I want quality control.
I miss rooting for someones work who’s actually impressive.



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