L.T.S.B. Presents: Akromatisk Synergi (vols. 1-4)

Apr 10 • By • 898 Views • No Comments on L.T.S.B. Presents: Akromatisk Synergi (vols. 1-4) COLUMNS, Issue 03 // Apr 2012, Let’s The Streets Burn

Rich StonerDoom, author of phasorgasmatorical “The Day After The Sabbath” blog, recently posted more awesome LTSB comps.

The organisers of “Let The Streets Burn” who follow my blog have asked me to post their own (mostly 60s/70s) obscurity compilations; tracks collected by DJ Sturt who spins at the LTSB-hosted club nights in Olso, Norway. Having looked at the fantastic ‘Akromstisk Synergi’ tracklists and quality presentation, I am all too happy to oblige! Click the images for more info. The LTSB facebook group can be found here. Keep your eye’s peeled for the imminent TDATS 66 which I am just polishing off now. Cheers, Rich.

Download ‘Akromatisk SynergI‘: [here]

Download ‘Akromatisk SynergII‘: [here]

Download ‘Akromatisk SynergIII‘: [here]

Download ‘Akromatisk SynergIV‘: [here]



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