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Ladies and Laidbacks: Welcome to the timemachine. Friday the 13th of April is now moved to Friday the 20th of the same month. Why, you may ask. And justfully so.

Because we have a time machine, and because we can. And also because everyone is going to the Bömbers gig on the 13th, and we so much prefer to have guests.

We hereby invite all you beautiful and ugly people to our DEADLY horror Night! VJ Necromantico will be screening SCARY movies on a punid silverscreen.

DJ Luftwaffe und DJ Einz aka. DJ Clubshoes aka. Einar Sjursø from Infernö, VIRUS, Lamented Souls and so on, will provide the soundtrack. Eclectic with a touch of 60-70’s proto, Rock’n Rolla, Doom and soundtrackmusic

DJ Krokfot has cancelled.

It’s FRIDAY the 13th and we like to have these themes going when we arrange our clubnights, Mostly to lurk people into our parties. But since
we already fooled some of the people some of the times, and since we can’t fool all the people all of the times, it’s because we SPIN kickass music,
AND provide UNDERGROUND culture.

So for the fourth time or something, we got this vintagehorromovie theme going down.

We got some old HAMMER horrormovies starring the guy with the weird teeth and the bad complexion, The rather big monkey with anger management issues
will most likely appear too. As well as some OCCULT stuff from the merry 70’s. Surprise features, including some mondo, documentaries, SCI-FI, cartoons,
Exploitation and whatever the HELL VJ Necromantico feels like sharing from his myrky decrepid crypt of old mouldy movies.

DJ Oakie Småbruk and DJ DJ Barnfire are releasing theirs long awaited third and probably last COUNTRY sampler, titled – Off the road, again with Oakie and DJ. The two previous compilationas have both reached legendary status amongst the STREETBURNERS. DJ Fenriz has unofficially listed the first one, “Moonshine in the Mountain” as one of his ten favourite cd’s in general. Which is a compliment thats speeks for itself.

DJ Bendik is allso releasing a sampler from his amazing set last time.

When there is no more room in Hells Kitchen, the dead shall walk the earth!

Trading, flirting, cheap cardtricks and clubshoe tiptoe dancing does occure!

Come down in time with us with this party that starts on friday the 13th of April and ends in January 1970as the FLAMES of gamlebyen has now reached the kitchen of purgatory, and we have a FUNCTIONING TIMEMACHINE!

DJ Tomi & DJ Maya


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