LTSB mixtape #0002 for BS

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Hellfire Club’s Magical Medicine night

VJ Tomi was standing in for VJ Necromantico, who was unable to attend due to a long expected braintransplantation. 8 mm reels screened this evening was Buck Rogers, the original Battle star Galactica, the original Shaft, revenge of Dracula, Mickey’s Christmas, Attack from Mars, Roadrunners and Bugs Bunny.

Another magical evening of Streetburning in the ristorante d’inferno, aka. HELL’S KITCHEN Oslo

DJ Dead Herring as interpreted by DR Sturt aka. DJ Sturt

DJ Dead Herring is a dead fish hanging from a thread in the ceiling. It used to swim in the sea, before it got caught in a thrawl and ended in a iced box. We know little of it’s musical preferences, but DR Sturt can channel it all by using his magical stetoscope.

Sturt is currently a member of Whip, Troll, Nˆd, Thraot Violence, Attentat, The Black Metallers,
Blindfisted and Styrehuset. Besides being a musician, he’s a graphic designer (poster-maker for LTSB), DJ and music lover.

Aunt Mary – Stop Your Wishful Thinking (Norway ’71)
B-sides. There’s always a b-side, and the most exciting tunes are to be found on the flip-side.
Sometimes with a fever, and sometimes, most likely not at all. Aunt Mary made me do it! A fantastic song from one of Norway’s greatest prog-bands!

Biglietto per l’inferno – Confessione (Italy ’74)
This is the best song ever made! I bet that none of the members of Biglietto per l’inferno have souls anymore, because they have all been trapped in this song. The only thing you can do with Confessione, is to listen to it over and over and over again.

Blackwawter Park – Rock Song (Germany ’72)
This rocks! And most important, this song gives me hope. Just from knowing that some guy in Germany took his pills back in 1972.

Brainchild – She’s Learning (UK ’70)
Brilliant progressive brass-rock! It’s time to stop that shaking, and revisit the frog house. Owls are watching, but nobody’s home.

Circus 2000 – I am the Witch (Italy ’70)
I love the way Silvana Aliotta sings I am the wiiitch. It makes me smile every time. Let’s move to Italy, in the seventies.
We can rob banks and go to concerts every night! Somebody invent a time machine!

Night Sun – Living with the Dying (Germany ’72)
This is darkness. This is evil. This is death. That’s what happens when you live with the dying.
Your music becomes grim and brilliantly good looking.

DJ Bendik

DJ Bendik

Bendik is a musician, physician, DJ and house-owner. His shortlisted
contribution to the mixtape is (partly) invented, and solely
commented by VJ Tomi, as he failed
completely to deliver his selection, due to the unexpected
tragic loss of his four-legged companion.

Jan Pehchan Ho – Mohammed Rafi, Gumnaam Song (India ’65)

Bendik kicked of his set with this Bolly-classic and immediately set the
standard for the night. Used in the Independent movie “Ghost World” this
track has gained new audiences in recent years as it’s quite a prune. (blocked outside Europe for some reason)

Ananda Shankar – Jumpin’ Jack Flash (India ’76? )

Amazing cover of the Stones hitsong. With zitars and guitars. Great sound on this one.

Focus  – Hocus Pocus (Netherland ’73)

At the very end of his set Bendik put on this track, as I gave it to him. It was on
one of the compilation CD’s DJ Sturt gave to me. Not a choice of Bendik, but it in his
set, and it blew the roof of the building. Some times these things happen.

DJ & VJ Tomi


Read/Download more about DJ Sturt’s Akromatisk-synergi-vols-1-4 compilations here.




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