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8 .7 The Silicone Veil  by  Susanne Sundfør
Released: 03/26/2012 • Label: EMI Music Norway

I found out about Susanne Sundfør by accident. It was at Øyafestivalen 2010, I was wandering around the festival grounds, hoping to find something of interest in between the bands I had actually come to see. I found her, on the biggest stage, playing these dark and beautiful songs smack in the middle of a sunny afternoon. I promptly procured a copy of The Brothel and dove right in…. or tried to. Really hard. I loved the first song, and the fourth song, and the sixth song, but it took me a while to really digest the entire album. Of course, since then I have grown to love it, but I honestly still never really listen to it in its entirety.

The Silicone Veil is another case altogether. This record is far more direct and structurally linear, if not a little front-loaded with “Diamonds” and “White Foxes” as the first two tracks, the latter being the first single and the former surely being the next. While The Brothel meandered in and out focus at times, The Silicone Veil features a more solid sequence and consistent arrangement of piano, harp, strings and electronics from track to track. In fact, there isn’t a single track here featuring an arrangement as stark as only vocals and piano. The linear quality continues in the lyrics, with a focus on transfiguration / the transition from life to death.

Those familiar with The Brothel will notice a more accessible, maybe warmer effort in The Silicone Veil, though thankfully losing none of the, plainly put, beautiful creepiness. Those new to Sundfør are in for something brilliant either way.

Favorite Tracks: White Foxes, Can You Feel The Thunder, Among Us, The Silicone Veil

[Edz note: Check out her recent live “In the Office” concert performance below.]


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