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Being that we are a Norwegian mag, here’s some obligatory Darkthrone geekery.

The new album’s underway.

Fenriz recently posted on their FB page, “We might complete the new album this weekend. Songs that reach 10 min is on the way. Might end up with 6 songs on the album, and it’s many years since that happened. We are both VERY exited now and ready wrap it up!

We’re really hoping that all their future tracks contain English mic over-commentary. If you haven’t heard this, it rules.

Last but not least, as the Bad Sounds Editors witnessed Trouble‘s very last concert ever in London some years ago (Ann’s jean jacket posted above)– we were delighted to see Fenriz reference this sweet track a few days ago on his MySpace blog.

“only for TROUBLE fans!

really impressed with this cover. i like the sound, really distinct and original actually. and this is a cover of one of the songs on the TROUBLE cd’s i bought while we (DARKTHRONE) recorded our first album (SOULSIDE JOURNEY) in Stockholm SWEDEN in summer 1990. So it brings back memories. Many will say that only the 80s TROUBLE stuff rules, but i really like that album they released in 1990 (?), only called TROUBLE. it is perhaps my fave Trouble album, but that has something to do with my memories of those times. first 3 albums were and will always be ESSENTIAL doom metal albums in the traditional way, meaning NOT ONLY SLOW doom metal, like the 90s dogma doom metal.

anyway, i didn’t know of this band or this cover song, it seems that it’s Kat Shevil’s (winds of genocide) old band BLESSED REALM

– f e n r i z

oh, i hear rumours are going wild about our new album having lots of LONG tracks. NO. it’s ONE long-ass track that I made, will probably clock in at 10-12 minutes. we’ll see after the recording session tomorrow. i haven’t made a long track for over 21 years! “


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