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Outside Hafenklang, a grubby nightspot close to the docks in Hamburg, Germany, yours truly is trying to coax four drunk, flailing fools into position for a band photo. It is 10am.
The band is Philadephia hoodlums Bucket Flush.
They huddle around a bench. Snap. One photo. That’s it.

The group disbands into a chaotic ten minutes that has me laughing so hard my face hurts.
“Manginas”, dick-grabbing, diving head first from the bench onto the pavement and singing Dirty Dancing’s “The Time Of My Life” has locals scattering in all directions and I keep snapping away.

I also decide right then that perhaps they aren’t just crusty idiots. I’m not sure why.
Singer Rob Shit gave me a copy of their Lp, “Down The Drain” and I checked it out.
Yep, these guys are the real deal.
Squatting, dumpster diving, touring on a whim with no equipment and a malodorous liking
for a guy called Buttman.
The fourteen song twelve inch record plays at 45 and i love that.
Crude and resolute, there are some terrible tracks on here but it doesn’t matter.
The song titles alone can carry this baby through, dawg: “Fuck Jesus, Anally”, “The Dogs Are Fucking”, “Fry Baby” and “Man In The White Van”, to name my favourites.
John Wood is a great hardcore drummer. Tight, precise and quite imaginative.
Black Jon plays strident amphetamine guitar, while the bass player whose name I forget knocks out some blistering runs. Fuck yeah.
A breath of clammy, but kinda fresh air.
I had a poke around the ‘net and came across this:

Says it all, really.
Bucket Flush. A friendly, unpretentious bunch of souls, reflecting their disgust with society and opting out in style.
Get in.

“Down The Drain” is out now on Fucket Blush Records


4 Responses to MEET THE PUNKS

  1. Super ! ADMIN says:

    Not sure that at 4am I was really ready to see bollocks and penises, but I will say that Hafenklang is a great venue.. or… was… back in 2001. Out

  2. Eirik Arlov says:

    I think picture number 3 is simply amazing. It should be in an art gallery somewhere, pissing off homophobes.

  3. Dr. Faustus says:

    agreed. when 2020’s are called the bucket flush decade, this picture is gunna be worth millions

  4. Jess Meyers says:


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