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Raise your glasses to the third in our series! Introducing: Priscila Alexandra Morales Janfalk. Though technically a bachelorette no longer, with the recent addition of “Janfalk” to her extraordinarily elegant denomination; her name’s been circling Oslo metal scene for some years, as a merchant in the best thrash/old school/black metal around. While Americans laugh off Norway + black metal like a chronic 1999 joke, in the actual capital, Proxy gigs have been ones to watch for the real old-school gems and rising Nordic talent.

Proxy Booking & Management. Lakkegata 66b,0562 Oslo, Norway +47 94 259 894. http://www.facebook.com/proxy.mngt

Tour manager on a well deserved break

Name: Priscila Alexandra Morales Janfalk
Age: 30something
Horoscope: Capricorn, ascendant in Sagittarius
DJ Name: Proxy

You have single-highhandedly revived some great metal gigs in Oslo the last years. Tell us how you got started with Old School Booking & Proxy Management?

I started promoting at local pubs with a couple of local bands, two of the venues don’t even exist anymore. This was back in 2001-2002, and I was working as Nekrobutcher‘s (Mayhem) secretary as well, this formed Proxy mngt.  I was also helping out with the Inferno festival for some years and Radar booking, so I basically held my eyes and ears open and tried to learn what it was to know about the business. In 2008 , my friend Anna wanted to start a booking company and wanted me to join. Old school booking came to life  and we held our first gig at Smuget(!) with Whiplash, Agent Steel, Nekromantheon and Deathhammer.

Me and Anna agreed on all the bands we wanted to bring to Oslo, and it was really refreshing to actually only book bands we  liked personally. We also managed to set up a two day festival with 10 bands in only  5 months. I did some work for Nekromantheon and Obliteration on the side and we went on a US tour in 2009 with both bands. After a couple of years working with Anna, she decided to move to Sweden and Old school booking split up. So I’ve been promoting under my management name again. Mainly in Oslo at Revolver, sometimes elsewhere if I need a bigger venue. I got a good deal at Revolver where I get to book one metal night each month, sometimes two. We will be announcing some shows in July. I also work for Manilla Road (US), we just got back from a mini-tour. And last addition for Blood Tsunami, that recently resurrected after some years of slumber.

What are some of your most memorable shows?

Of course, our first big show with OSB, Whiplash and Agent Steel. To bring two American bands straight overseas for one gig was a big risk for us. But the show went over all expectations-  Angel Witch, at the Raise the Dead Festival was pretty good as well, and Sadistic Intent at Elm street was definitely one of my favourites. Having my fellow country men from Pentagram over from Chile wasn’t to shabby either.

Old school bookings first gig - Speed metal night with Whiplash, Agent Steel. Nekromantheon, Deathhammer

Where is the Morales originate? Are you Spanish or Norwegian by birth?

Morales is a Spanish surname brought to South America by the conquistadors that joined Columbus on his third trip to the  continent. Chilean by birth.

Do you have any undiscovered/up-and-coming bands you think we outta check out?

“Undiscovered” is a definition that surely has faded after the Internet came into our living rooms.

People are very good at mailing me links to new bands all the time, a good thing, since I hardly ever got time to check out music as I used to. So keep them coming.

Flyer Morbus Chron - Salute - Condor 2012

Up and coming bands… hm… Condor from Kolbotn, that has already been mentioned quite a bit on the net, and Insane from Sweden.  Its amazing how young people catch the old school sound better then bands that actually started in the old days. There are a lot of good quality bands that don’t get to play at established venues just because they aren’t old enough. I try to do something about that.

With Joe Cangelosi (Whiplash)

What book is sitting by your bed?

You mean BOOKS? Quite a few actually, but I can list the ones that I am reading at the time,

Tom Egelands new book “Nostradamus Testament”. I am on the last chapter and I must say I liked “Lucifers Evangelium” much better. But good light summer read for sure.

Thinkers of the west – from Homer to Milton. Jumping back and forward on this one

Zecharia Sitchin – “The Lost Realm”. Third book in the Earth Chronicle series. Interesting stuff. If you like Erich Von Dänicken, make sure to catch Sitchin’s books.

An old film guide book I got from Didrik in Obliteration as a gift some time ago.

With Pentagram (CHL) Obliteration, and Electrocution (SWE) - Betong, Oslo

What do you do to splurge?

I buy expensive wine and quality food and make a feast for myself and some close friends.

Favorite item of clothing.

I try not to get too attached to items like scarfs and handbags. I lose them anyways.

My cow leather jacket from the 70s is a definitive favorite . My husband bought it too me as a gift. He is good at that.

Witch Mark Shelton ( Manilla Road Skandi tour 2012)

If you were somehow on death row, what would you request as a “last supper”?

If I was on death row for something I actually did, I would want them to give it to someone who needed it. I would be dead soon anyways.

On the other hand, If I was falsely accused, I’d have a nice Argentinean steak, with homemade mash potatoes and a tomato salad.

Do you have any tatts you wanna show us?

Not really, they are personal.

…. I just realized that sounded kinda pretentious, so I’m showing you the least personal I’ve got.

The logo of one of my favourite bands, Witchfinder General.

Favorite corner of Oslo to drink:

I have a schizophrenic attitude towards drinking out on the town. Sometimes I  have a need to be social, and don’t really care about where we are as long as I am with good people. Other times I get really fed up and hate everybody around me getting drunk.  Since I work at Revolver, I usually pop in there, they have good music. Bonanza as well.  Sometimes Unholy if I am in a mood for metal, not often though. But somehow I always end up at Last Train.

When it’s that peak at a nachspiel, what song do you wanna hear most?

Probably “Love Man” by Otis Redding.

Five desert island discs?

Its impossible to only mention only 5. That’s like asking if Id rather be deaf or blind.

Holy Terror – Mind wars Pink Floyd – The Wall Rush – 2112 Tibor Varga – Historical recordings Primus – Suck on This Darkthrone – Under a Funeral moon Beethoven’s 9th symphony Witchfinder general – Friends of hell

I could go on and on an on…

Any advice to aspiring promoters/bookers?

Always be nice to people, you never know if you will be working with them someday.
Always ask if you are uncertain of something.
Keep everything written down and make contracts
Never let others do any agreements for you
And most important, always be responsible for your own mistakes.

Working at the merch stand at Fontanas, New York - Obliteration Nekromantheon Tour 2009





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