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3 Music for Malls EP  by  Uniforms & Dropouts
Released: 06/09/2012 • Label: Fysisk Format

First of all, this has to be said. A lot of Scandinavian bands have really horrible lyrics. Cringe-worthy lyrics. Pronunciation is one thing, strong accents can potentially be what separates your band from the masses of generic white noise (part of what makes Fysisk Format labelmate Nils Bech incredibly interesting is his insane accent), but Uniforms & Dropouts are sadly not in that category.

The first song “Apestract” (clever wordplay, chaps) is a sappy story backed by what seems to be the instrument du jour, the MiniMoog. “I look like a hippie just because I’m broke”, he sings. Well if you can afford a three thousand dollar MiniMoog, you’re not fucking broke my friend. By the way, singing “Escalating like escalators” is a bit like saying “cutting glass like a glasscutter” It’s not really a metaphor.

Musically this is indie rock, a little dancy – jumpy, but still indierock. Pulp without Jarvis Cocker, maybe. The Uniforms & Dropouts singer definitely borrow heavily from the man who was once called a star by Noel Gallagher. Albeit sung defectively. Slap some generic brit pop rock references in there like whatever is on the radio if you turn it on right now, and you have some idea of the feel this band is generating.

That very fact might prove me wrong and make these kids pop stars over here, but I won’t care about their music either way.

The last song “Dunno” is a swervy late New Order pop rocker and definitely the best song on the EP, if you disregard the ”I don’t know what to do” lyric that perpetuates the entire thing from beginning to end. I think you might understand which way I am leaning toward this EP by now. The fact is, I’m deleting it from my iTunes after I’ve written this – even when I got it for free.

UNIFORMS & DROPOUTS – APESTRACT from Local Records on Vimeo.


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