Glory Moments #3, by Ben Corrigan, aged 23

Aug 9 • By • 848 Views • No Comments on Glory Moments #3, by Ben Corrigan, aged 23 Benjamin C, COLUMNS, Issue 07 // Aug 2012

The Ex (1) 1 vs Thatcher On Acid (1) 4
Luc Mick, Nicolette (o.g.), Andy, Sean

We were scared.
When we saw the Ex walking towards us in the park in Utrecht whose name i forget, t

hey all looked massive.

This was the “Aural Guerrilla” line up and they were all wearing football kit.
Some of them were even sporting actual football boots.

Initially this match was to be a jumpers for goalposts affair, but it was decided that we needed actual frames in order to avoid any untoward arguments about whether a shot was “over” or not.
Goal frames were hastily constructed, a coin was flipped to decide who kicked off and within two minutes Luc side footed into an empty “net” and Thatcher On Acid were floundering.
For the life of me i can’t remember the rest of the first half and only imagine Mick rounding the Ex’s ‘keeper to level things up at the break. i reckon it was Ferrie or Jeroen in goal.

L-R (standing): Luc, Arek, Ferrie, Terrie, Nicolette, Kat, Jos, Puk, Ben, Andi, Jeroen, Dick. L-R (lying/ sitting): Sean, Gijs, Tariq, Mick.

Second half, again another blur. The standout moment in my memory brains was, i am positive, an own goal that came off Nicolette’s shin from a corner.
Unlucky, but they all count.
Thatcher On Acid had some good players in the team and a decent passing move created an opening for Andy to slot home, yards from the target. Again, this might be wildly inaccurate.
It was Sean’s screamer from some way out that sealed a result that would suggest a trouncing, but really the Ex didn’t take their chances and Thatcher On Acid dug in, Brian.

But sure as eggs is eggs, the result is accurate, but not a fair reflection of the game.
I have a vague memory of it being really physical and competitive and Thatch probably didn’t deserve to win.
But we did.


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