Purified In Blood – Flight Of A Dying Sun

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5 Flight Of A Dying Sun  by  Purified In Blood
Released: 26.6.2012 • Label: Indie Recordings

Okay, the band dropped a vocalist, which was smart. I don’t know the guy, I’m sure he’s a rad hang, but I don’t think I need to give any examples of why this was a wise move (see the early 00’s-era Victory/Tooth and Nail catalogue if you’re not with me here). No one needs some metalcore version of that extra dude from The Bosstones hogging the already cramped stage.

Wise Move #2: They recorded this one with Jacob Bredahl (vocalist for the criminally underrated The Kandidate, Danish, really fucking tall guy, good at turning knobs), resulting in an overall sound that isn’t so “clicky and slicky” as 2010’s Under Black Skies. Also, way to go on the artwork this time, dudes. Waaaaaay fucking better. The album title is a little weird… how does the sun exactly fly? Maybe it was just supposed to sound fucking grim and metal and fuck yeah let’s start thrashing. Whatever…

But yeah, so there are also songs on this thing. After the opening not-really-a-song-but-an-atmospheric-indication-that-we’re-about-to-hear-some-fucking-metal intro, The Absolute, we get a truly ripping first track in “Storm Of Blood,” which is probably the best song/song title that I have heard out of this band yet.

“Mot Grav” starts with a stoner riff fake-out, dives straight into a faster one-two verse riff, then bounces back and forth between a swagger and a gallop rest of the song in a way that works better than I would expect. The next three tracks come and go, but then “Void” brings back some more of what had me stoked at the beginning.

I’m pulling for these dudes. We need more competent metal bands around here and less kvlt-as-fvck tomfoolery (yeah, “tomfoolery.” I’m 70). After a couple of, uh, less identifiable previous efforts, I think I can tell which band I’m actually listening to now.


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