Same Same, but Different

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5 .9 Verden på nakken, venner i ryggen  by  Oslo Ess
Released: 09/25/2012 • Label: Indie Recordings

This band must be really sick of hearing they sound like Rancid with Norwegian vocals. But they do. I have nothing against Rancid, they are pretty much the only band in that specific landscape I can stand listening to. So, right band to emulate, guys. You can’t help but mention Social Distortion too. Those Social D influences are wide open. There’s something very positive, and radio-friendly here though, that indeterminate X-factor some bands have. I understand why a lot of people will like this. It is in the same way I like Paul Westerberg’s solo records. It´s no frills music.

Oslo Ess follow up a hugely successful debut with “Verden på nakken, venner i ryggen” (loosely translated, “The world’s on our case, but we’ve friends to back us up”– ok, some things get lost in translation). The new record is pretty much more of the same. Don’t change a winning team et cetera. There are singles on this record, and the record will do well, I´m sure.

In the tradition of Norwegian rock bands singing in norwegian, Oslo Ess are carrying the torch lit by previous bands like Jokke & Valentinerne, Raga Rockers and more recently Skambankt. All pretty successful on these shores. In the wake of Kvelertak’s huge successes abroad, I guess someone thought Oslo Ess might break out of Norway too with this record. That remains to be seen, as although Oslo Ess might stand out in the Norwegian market with their beer-chugging friendly, fist pumping pop punk – they might just face too fierce competition against their American counterparts to stand out in continental Europe.


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