By:Larm’s Halo Effect, Hires Former Wire Editor

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Though year after year By:Larm’s festival never fails to underwhelm – with it´s mid-winter taxation on hipsters, redundant Top 40 headliners, and impetuous PR statements tagged in Big Oil – this year, it seems, they’re at least trying. If it wasn’t already obvious Norway’s ripe for two things: affluence and potential spouses, one recent convertee to our Nordic nation includes the former editor of Wire Magazine and music critic Rob Young.

By:Larm’s recruited Young this year to hopefully make meaningful on an otherwise conflagrant display of industry wankery. Young’s first booking includes first keynote speech by Ms. I-won’t-walk-to-my-venue, Kim-Gordon. When asked about how he can make “a difference and an impact” at By:Larm, he responded:

Those two questions are kind of connected really. I was super-happy to be invited to join the team here, and I’m hoping to use by:Larm’s fantastic resources to encourage some inspirational talks and debates to take place in Oslo. Hopefully we can enjoy face to face encounters with legendary musicians, producers, managers and people who have made a real difference in the world of music. Especially those figures whose work extends beyond just making and writing music, but into other fields. At the same time our panels will tune in to the most important debates and questions about contemporary culture.

Maybe there’s hope. Read the entire interview here.

Photo © Kim Gordon


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