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8 .2 Heimat  by  SVIN
Released: 09/24/2011 • Label: Mom Eat Dad Records

There is something good brewing in the Danish experimental scene. Enter SVIN, another in a growing list of interesting acts from the small country to the south.

Since being blown away by Selvhenter at this years Kongsberg Jazz Festival (someone book these ladies to Oslo please!), my appetite’s been awakened to this Danish avant garde/post rock/jazz universe.

Heimat, a nine track LP/CD released on Copenhagen’s Mom Eat Dad Records, clocks in at what feels like a rather short 37 minutes; although there are a lot good things happening here. Track one, “Cougar” opens with metal riffs, yet quickly changes into a two minute free jazz noise frenzy, echoing what is to come.

Throughout this 99% instrumental record, SVIN seem like a band with a split personality. Quiet and melancholy in some parts, while rage is bubbling just under the surface like an escaped mental patient without proper medication rearing its ugly head at certain unexpected moments.

This record might be difficult for the average music fan to digest. A saxophone can make or break certain bands. In this case SVIN’s sax (and baritone trombone) fit in well with in the post rock noise landscape.

This is especially noticeable on “Illilu” and “Muskelhund”; two of the strongest tracks on the record. The somber ballad “Sankt Hans” follows a more traditional style while the record ends in the heavy eight minute “Kære Mona” which makes for a fitting end to the mayhem.

As is typical with this kind of hybrid band, SVIN might be too boring for metal fans and too heavy for fans of jazz; still, this should interest the more adventurous listener and probably fit in well with the Norwegian avant garde scene.

Think a little less aggro Shining without the black clothes and über serious looks.

Think: the “common man’s” avantgarde.

Look for Svin to hit Norway at the end of November, with a double concert with Synkoke.


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  1. […] you this weekend. Friday head to Blitz to catch SVIN from Denmark. We’ve written about them a couple of times and they are explosive live. On Saturday you should be at Revolver to witness the legend […]

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