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6 .8 Self-Titled EP  by  Burning Motherfuckers
Released: 09/18/2012 • Label: Handmade Records

Beginning with a bass-drum-duo aplomb almost identical to Lightning Bolt’s immortalized intro on Ride the Skies, our first encounter with Burning Motherfuckers’ debut EP is a strange one. While in Hip-Hipster-land, all basement noise gestures reign admirable — these songs remain largely sporadic and predisposed to being debut-quality.

“Retired” picks up where opening track “End of the line” leaves off, with hollered vocals and Kyuss-esque riff. It then segues into strongest Track 3, “Society”. Maximizing all potentiality of the duo, and bringin‘ it with more clear cut grooves and neck-speed breakdowns.

Track 4, “Voice in my head” slowly builds with a near three-minute melody before some kind of indeterminable rubber chicken dance(?) explodes and weird, whoopee-cushion chorus.

The last two tracks are remixes — Laconic Zero take on “End of the Line” in an attempt to turn this aimlessness into chaos, and hence better art, but only partially succeeds before coming to an abrupt end. The second remix by ZIXAQ of “Voice in my head” either makes it more entertaining, or annoying. Depending on whether you like the sound of buckets clanging, in time. All in all, short-lived, but leaves us yearning for more.


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