Teenage Danish stoner chicks

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4 .9 Machine Gun Girl/The Catcher 7  by  Baby In Vain
Released: 10/25/2012 • Label: Crab Salad Recording Company

Yep. Boys, drool. The mathematical probability of this combination is highly unlikely. A good band from Denmark, firstly. Then add on teenage girls, playing stoner rock. But with the rise of cool L.A. bands like Dum Dum Girls, or trio Haim, or the lovable ultra young heartbreakers in Smoosh (incidentally, last two consists of sisters-only)– is making anything in the rock genre ripe for plucking. Unfortunately here though, probability wins. Baby in Vain‘s debut Machine Gun Girl 7″ leaves intact the belief that Danish music is consistently under-par.

This demo did, however, make me super existential about the state of current music. The youthful vibe is immediately visceral– and it sounds pretty right-on production-wise. With two upcoming 7″ releases, and a 6-song EP to be released next Spring, these girls seem on the right track.

But it made me think about how nowadays, anyone can plug into a certain brand amp, a certain brand pedal, and to be even more cynical, GarageBand effect, and suddenly simulate a “style”. It reminded me of seeing godawful Sum 41 in a Swedish festival a few years ago. After they played all their “hits” (lasting all of 8 minutes), they proceeded to play their songs via their favorite “genres”, as a bit of a joke. They asked the audience to “guess” what song it was they were were playing, in the style of Metallica. In the style of Slayer. In the style of Bruce Springsteen. You get the picture.

So here we have, three girls playing grungey riffs invented probably twenty years before the date on their birth certificates. The collective ages of these young teens (ranging 16-19) is probably no more then age of Brant Bjork. Side One “Machine Gun Girl” has pretty unoriginal lyrics like, “let me know if you’d like to go to the desert highway…” and the flip side is only a degree better with the attempt to be Sabbath in slo-mo. Placed against the host of competitive bands in this genre, it’s embarrassingly bad. But if these were my own daughters playing, I’d think it’s the best band in the world. There’s a serious charm to young girls who prefer Mudhoney then, say, some hipster shit like Grizzly Bear. Dissing this is like dissing Hank Moody’s daughter’s band in Californication.

So here’s some aged wisdom, girls: to earn respect in a big leagues– you gotta seriously step it up. Once you do, the world will be your (stoner-rock) oyster.


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