Bad Sounds Advent Countdown Begins!

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December is finally upon us! For Bad Sounds, it’s been an incredible year. Never would we imagine ten months after our launch, the incredible archive of interviews and reviews we’d acquire. And we have only our dedicated writers to thank! Here’s the first of our jul-kalender countdown, from the one and only Larry Krust.

Larry’s brought us a host of great reviews this year, taking notice of all the smallest punk bands Vestindien and Barren Womb, to more known underground Norwegian acts like Kambodsja to Oslo Ess, to the old geezas Mark Lanegan, Lee Ranaldo and Hot Water Music. Cheers, Larry!

Larry Krust’s World Famous Best of 2012

YOUNG WIDOWS In and Out of Youth and Lightness (Temporary Residence Limited, 2011) This was technically released last year, but I only discovered them last summer. Greatness.

WOVENHAND The Laughing Stalk (Glitterhouse, 2012) Best one in a while. Wovenhand turned up their amps on this one.

O BROTHER Garden Window (Triple Crown, 2011) Also from 2011, but released in November so it still counts as 2012. One of the best new bands I´ve heard in ages.

HIGH ON FIRE De Vermis Mysteriis (E1 Music, 2012) Matt Pike comes with a ”most headbanging inducing riffs ever” guarantee on each record.

TORCHE Harmonicraft (Volcom, 2012) Weird that a shoe company put out one of the catchiest rock records of 2012. Classy band.

Artwork by ASL


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