Harmony from the Past 7″

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8 .5 Harmony from the Past  by  Otto A Totland / Erik K Skodvin
Released: 11/30/2012 • Label: Miasmah/Sonic Pieces

Some nice releases from the Miasmah/Sonic Pieces label as per usual. It’s not too late to miss out on this 7″ split between Otto A Totland and Berlin-based and prolific Norwegian noise-maestro, Erik K Skodvin, released just last month.

The sleeve tells us: “Erik and Otto started out as both friends and enemies in the small town of Langesund, south of Norway. There they went to school together and after some time begun playing around with music and sampling on their computers (seeing they were both computer nerds at the time). Finding out at a later point that they shared mutual musical ideas, a collaboration was born, named Deaf Center. Fast-forward about 10 years and although still working together now and then, things have changed and different paths have been walked.”

In it’s brief ten minute life-span, we’re presented with a compact spark of melancholic beauty. Sparse, soundtrack-like piano pieces from Totland, like listening to your cousin tinkering with Debussy on a cold, rainy day– coupled with Skodvin’s five minute piece entitled, “Blind”. Coincidentally, made using only percussion and feedbacked electro-acoustic guitar. Our only complaint is that it ain’t a full 2-hr record, with resonances you could simply listen to over and over.

More info here: ‘SEVEN PIECES – PIECE THREE ‘ LTD 300 7inch
“Handmade, silkscreened & numbered gatefold packaging including download code”



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  1. […] Deleuze & Guattari’s Ritournelle always comes to mind whenever I encounter music whose strokes seem to completely embrace an ambiguous status as a naive, repetitive motif — with its subtle power in dissemination according to varying landscapes. Perhaps also the reason I’ve had Otto Totland’s Pinô on continuous, continuous rotation for months, yet taken so long to review it. The album is by far, one of the most meaningful releases I’ve heard to date writing for BS. Totland, aka one half of Norwegian duo Deaf Center (with Erik Skodvin of Svarte Greiner & Miasmah label fame), released this first full-length solo recording earlier this year, though the split 7″ last year had not gone amiss. […]

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