We’re Having A Bro Down: Brief notes on Tenacious D’s Rize Of The Fenix Tour

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Like probably millions of blokes all over the world, myself included, i reckon Jack Black is a frustrated rock musician. Like, duuuh, dude.

Not being that well versed in the Tenacious D output, it was something to be tagging along as a driver for support act, The Sights, on the recent european tour. On the way to Munich, our van was sideswiped by some tosser on Ze Autobahn and a little comic relief was most welcome in our camp.

Arriving by literally driving into the arena and seeing a giant cock and balls already setup onstage loosely disguised as a “fenix”, it rendered me speechless. The “cumfetti” that signalled the climax of each TD show apparently had the faces of Messrs Black and Gass printed on each individual “sperm”. Wow, attention to detail.

Self-proclaimed “best band in the world” with a hint of irony, Tenacious D are alarmingly average live. Rather witty, occasionally hilarious, they get into it with gusto but the music is just so…..conventional.

The largely male audience chanting “DEEEE! DEEEE! DEEEE!” while flying the “horns” as the band take the stage do so in such a way,
I’m not totally sure if this whole thing is a joke or not.
And anyway, unless you’re Neil Young, sorry guys but you can’t truly rock with an acoustic guitar.

But none of this matters as the safety net of comedy-rock will always save the day however you look at it. The quips between songs are rehearsed to the letter, the individual band member solos are slightly cringeworthy but it’s all a joke folks, so lighten up!

That said, Jack Black does have an impressive vocal timbre and i’d have him as lead singer in my “metal” band any day.

A show for the dormant teenagers in all of us, providing we have the juvenile humour required – i for one certainly have, but didn’t quite get it.

All this criticism is probably uncalled for as TD have almost the friendliest, most helpful and happy crew i’ve ever met and that reflects well on any band touring on this scale (8000 plus in Milan? what the…??). Could only last through one full set in all though, which isn’t the best strike rate for a two week tour.

I’ll leave it there, i think.



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