Damo Suzuki @ Revolver

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Our May Issue last year interviewed legendary Can member (and quite possibly coolest Jehovah’s Witness member in the history of Jehovah Witnesses…) Damo Suzuki, and this past week he made a glorious return to Oslo. Photos from the gig in Revolver’s basement courtesy of Christer L Bell the Byline, and shows the vast array of Oslo guest musicians, from Juan Diaz on keys, to Ådne Meisfjord behind the deck.2013-02-12 04.20.57 pm

2013-02-12 04.21.07 pm

2013-02-12 04.21.25 pm

2013-02-12 04.21.36 pm

2013-02-12 04.21.48 pm

2013-02-12 04.22.06 pm

2013-02-12 04.22.26 pm

2013-02-12 04.22.43 pm

2013-02-12 04.22.55 pm


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