Hvem faen er The Zugly?

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New Norwegian punk rock-sensation The Good, The Bad, and The Zugly have been playing in the Oslo underground for some years and released several 7” on various small labels. (According to the band, this has been completely intentional, they’ve released all four 7”-records, all on different labels, some of them so small, and made so few copies it’s virtually impossible to get one now.) With their debut album “Anti World Music”, they’ve seriously revitalized punk rock in Oslo a la Poison Idea. But here in Bad Sounds, we ask ourselves, what, or who is bass player The Zugly in TGTBTZ? 

So we shot over these questions at our very own Stoner Fashionista, Blood Tsunami’s Pete Evil, funny-man, serious-man, player in a hundred bands, and record label owner– Kristopher Schau.

**Don´t forget to catch them tonight for their album release concert at Blå, with guest stars Feilfødt! Doors open at 8pm.

Stoner Fashionista (SF); What is The Zugly?

2013-02-08 09.13.35 am

BS: How do you know The Zugly?

SF: I got to know The Zugly when I was about 17 through a mutual friend, and we basically lived together for a while there in a house at Grefsen in Oslo. The Zugly must’ve seen something in my snotty face, and he kind of took me under his wing, but he has also kept me down (to earth).

You’ve gotta understand, a serious cultural clash occurred when we met, I’m from Oslo and worse, Nesodden, a Peninsula in the Oslo fjord where a bunch of hipppies, artists and free sprisits emigrated to in the 70’s and 80’s, thats my upbringing, The Zugly, on the other hand is from Grua, a dark hole along the train tracs in the country side north of Oslo. You don’t exactly grow up learning that you’re anything special at Grua..Yeah so we’re celebrating our 11th year of being friends this year, but he was pretty strict in the beginning..

The Zugly and I talk about life and love, because we’re both hopeless romantics, but also just plain hopeless.

BS: What should the world know about The Zugly?

SF: I think it’s important to remember that yes, the Zugly is a bass player, and he is the most hillarious guy you’ll ever meet. But he’s also a man, in flesh and blood. He is a devoted brother and friend. He has both feelings and emotions. He is a man of many facets.

He turns into supermegazugly-mode when partying.

He makes amazing guacamole.

BS: What does/do you think the word Zugly really means?

SF: As far as the nickname goes, I know where it comes from, but if you’re asking about a definition of the word ‘zugly’, I know it means;

He who has the deepest appreciation for Thin Lizzy and who fights for his right to party.”

Pete Evil (PE); What is The Zugly?

2013-02-08 09.18.39 am

BS: How do you know the Zugly?

PE: First time I saw Zugly, he played bass with a mighty fine punk band called The Abusers. He was just a kid and without a doubt the coolest bass player I had ever seen. He played like he tried to kill the instrument and he constantly threw himself backwards into the wall as he played. This must have been in 96. Later on we became friends, I think it happened when I tried to kill him at the Quart Festival in Norway in the summer of 97. We started up Hellride during the fall or winter that very same year. He was a shy kid and, just to loosen up a little bit, he had to drink an impressive amount of beer.

The first time Hellride rehearsed he still lived with his mother and father at a place called Grua. I took the train into the woods… His sister, Ellen, opened the door, and WOW, she was a beauty! My jaw dropped to the floor like a brick! She shouted something rude to her brother and showed me into Zugly’s room. It was a dark room down in the basement. There was a drum kit on the floor, a torn Ramones poster on the wall, dirty clothes, broken CD’s and broken bottles all around. It looked like someone had detonated a bomb in there. Zugly came into the room and said, -“Let’s get the fuck outta here”.

Since then he has been a very good friend of mine. He was, and still is one of the funniest and coolest guys I know! Over the years we have been doing tons of brainless shit together and I always laugh my head off when I’m around Zugly.

BS: What should the world know about The Zugly?

PE: He’s a funny guy! He’s bloody hilarious! Both intentionally and unintentionally. Now, when he’s not as shy as he used to be, he can easily entertain with “stand up” and one liners the whole night… and the whole next day! He’s a supreme party animal! When I am so wasted that I have pissed my pants and fallen asleep on the floor, Zugly giggles and wanna arm wrestle strangers as he orders another round of shots and beers. He’s unbelievable! He never stops drinking! He’s also an athlete! OK, he has grown a decent beer gut during the years, but still he jumps around like a damn frog, walk on his hands and throw in a somersault or two just for the hell of it.

He’s a musical wizard and comes up with amazing riffs and song melodies. He’s a good drummer. He play the drums on the very first Hellride EP! He even write damn good lyrics. Funny shit! All in all a wonderful kick ass guy! I love to hang out with Zugly.

BS: What does/do you think the word Zugly really means?

PE: Isn’t that the name of some little monster that used to be on the telly back in the day?

Kristopher Schau (KS); What is The Zugly?

2013-02-08 09.22.28 am

BS: How do you know the Zugly?

KS: Years ago we used to play together in a band called Datsun. This was when The Zugly was the only guy in Oslo playing bass, so everybody used him. When Datsun broke up in 2004 we lost all contact. As far as I’m concerned he’s still the only guy in Oslo playing bass, though.

BS: What should the world know about The Zugly?

KS: The Zugly can wrestle, knows every episode of The Simpsons by heart and has a gigantic penis. He’s also the only guy in Oslo playing bass.

BS: What does/do you think the word Zugly really means?

KS: Bass player.


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