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8 Clifford Torus  by  Clifford Torus
Released: 12/01/2012 • Label: Dridmachine

Another Kjetil Brandsdal (Noxagt/Ultralyd) project: (this time he’s on baritone guitar) with ex Noxagt/Moha! member Anders Hana behind the drums and Horacio Pollard on guitar/vocals. Clifford Torus is part sludge, part noise, and part spaced out psych metal with experimental overtones. What’s not to like about that?

With song titles like “Somebody important from Oslo”, “Lady Laxative”, and “Garden of Sexlife”, I’m not quite sure what the hell is going on here; whatever it is, it’s pretty good.

Halfway through the cassette my tape player dies, proving once again that cassette tapes are fucking useless as a medium (but very popular these days with the kidz, so you gotta keep up and buy em’ right?). There is no download code, so that’s the end of the review…or so I think. Fast forward to 2013 (minus the 80’s technology) and I listen to the rest on bandcamp.

The stronger tracks here include “Garden of Sexlife” that reminds me alittle of The Factums; “Somebody important from Oslo” brings back the memory of Kjetils other heavy work. and “Refill Woman” is a hypnotic mind bender of a song driven by the guitar humming like a swarm of bees. An intriguing project I look forward to hearing more from (as soon as someone buys me a decent boombox….anyone?)


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