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8 .8 Moon Relay  by  Moon Relay
Released: 04/20/2013 • Label: HUBROmusic

I am rarely (read: never) this excited about a new band from Oslo. Moon Relay feature veteran guitarist Daniel Meyer Grønvold (Jessica Sligter, Now We´ve Got Members), a fixture in the improv and noise scene in Oslo for some years now. He’s accompanied by Håvard Volden (Nude on Sand, Nakamura/Volden, Jenny Hval), on guitar, Ola Høyer (Cortex, Akode) on bass and Martin “postman” Larsen on drums/drum machine and percussion.

Breathing fresh air in the Oslo scene, Moon Relay bring back the guitar sounds of Glenn Branca, and other no-wave artists in a hypnotic and very likeable instrumental mix. Sort of a space exploration themed surf rock/noise dance party… whatever the hell that is.

Playing some prominent opening gigs in Oslo this year and just completing their first European tour, Moon Relay are set to finally released their first 12” on HUBROmusic this month.

Having seen Moon Relay live multiple times, the sound seem to evolve and vary for each gig, but always leaving the audience happy and energized.

The only negative thing I can say about this 12” is that I wish the recording packed a bit more punch (and noise) like the live show. More improv jamming (can’t believe I wrote that, as I generally hate the word “jamming” in music. Jam should generally only be eaten.)

There are 6 tracks here, but three of them are more soundscapes under two minutes long each; the longer pieces hold a firmer grip on the listener.

This exclusive 12” record of only 150 copies released clocks in at just 25 minutes leaving you wanting more, especially when their last gig only included two of those songs (opening for Oneida at Blå). Thankfully this 12” is only meant as a taste as the band is working on a full length that will be recorded within the year.

You can catch Moon Relay at The Garden on Record Store Day April 20th (where you can pick up your copy) and you can also see them opening for Moon Duo at Revolver in july.


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