Noxagt Live On Cassette

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8 Checkpoint Charlie. Stavanger 08.03.03  by  Noxagt
Label: Dridmachine

What can be said about Noxagt that hasn’t been said before? Not much. Arguably the greatest noise rock band to come out of Norway in the 2000’s; and one of the most punishing live acts around. I remember checking this out on Load Records back in the day, wondering what the fuck was going on in my old hometown of Stavanger. They don’t play live that much anymore, and you will probably miss it if you’re not paying attention. (Last time in Oslo they played a “secret” gig.)

Noxagt have just released number one in a series of 4 live cassettes on Kjetil Brandsdal’s own Dridmachine label, this one recorded at Checkpoint Charlie in 2003.  There are some classic tracks here. These are the days of Nils Erga on the menacing Viola, Kjetil’s bass sounds heavy as ever, and Jan Christian Lauritzen’s drumming filling what sounds like a well-attended Stavanger gig with severe force.

The sound here is pretty decent, making this a good documentation of the scene around the time. Only thing missing is a download code. I had to break out my walkman for this….


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