Rock Moments #2

May 29 • By • 1290 Views • No Comments on Rock Moments #2 Benjamin C, COLUMNS, Issue 16 // May 2013

Venue: the car park outside some rehearsal storage place just off the A4, close to Heathrow Airport.

Starring:  Eddie Glass from Nebula and Simon Keeler, long suffering label rep from Sweet Nothing/Cargo Records.

Date: October 2000 (i think)

Having just dropped the band off in the car park in order for them to board their tour bus, i spin the van around and am ready to split.

Eddie jumps off the bus and runs in front of the van…

Eddie:  “Hey Simon! Stop!”

Simon: (winding down the passenger window) “What’s up?”

Eddie: “Hey Simon man, there’s no beer on the bus!”

Simon: “Well what about your PDs? I gave you twenty quid this morning.”

Eddie: “I don’t know…I spent it I guess….fuck.”



Photo: Benjamin C


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