Rock Moments #3

May 31 • By • 806 Views • No Comments on Rock Moments #3 Benjamin C, COLUMNS, Issue 17 // June 2013

Venue: Bastion Hotel, Santpoort-Noord, just outside Haarlem, Netherlands.

Date: 20th April 2013

Starring: Judah Bauer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and me.

Waiting to check in at reception, I spot Judah at the bar and walk over to say hello as we’ve worked together sporadically for years.

Me: “alright Judah, how’s it going?”

Judah: “I recognise you but I can’t remember your name….what’s your name?”

Me: “Ben.”

Judah: (looking confused) “Oh….hey man.”

Conversation doesn’t go much further and a while later we bump into each other in the elevator going up:

Me: “Hello again!”

Judah: “Who were you working with last time I saw you? I can’t place it…..”

Me: “You guys!”

Judah: “Oh, wow. I don’t remember that…..”




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