Breach vocalist returns as The Old Wind

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Feast on Your Gone  by  The Old Wind
Released: 04/12/2013 • Label:

It’s finally happening… our photographer Morgan Flame puts down his camera, musters his vocal chords, and yells at us for not knowing about Sweden’s The Old Wind…

Nowadays, you can judge of the popularity of an artist, or of pretty much anything that we as a human species, may or may not know of, by checking how many “likes” they have on Facebook. Let’s check… BadSoundsMagazine : 2.254, which is not bad in comparison of the 244 of my own page but still pretty lame next to the 1.111.218 of Nikki Minaj. Well, if you check the Facebook page of The Old Wind, you will see a pretty fucking little 444.

– Pretty fucking little? Why?

Well because you fucking asshole, this band has written “OH SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!” all over it and you don’t even know about it and therefore couldn’t like it yet and let all your friends know about it, you little bitch. And now here I am, forced to come here and participate to that fucking system that tells you what to listen, or not to listen just because you didn’t do your homework… But yes dude, people should be dancing in the streets, and Norway should beg to become Swedish again. Because it’s back!!! The Old Wind is blowing again through the vocal chords of Toma Liljedahl and yes, it’s just as good as it’s ever been.

But here is the problem, you don’t know who I’m talking about and THAT is the fucking shame. I must introduce you to a band that shouldn’t need introducing to someone who thinks he/she knows good hardcore bands, because that’s you I’m talking to. But let’s be done with suspense and the ultra hipster bullshit. The Old Wind is simply the bomb that all the fans of Swede’s band Breach have been waiting for.

– Breach?

Ok, ok. You are late but not hopeless. I’m a cool hipster and I’m willing to share so click on this link. Check it out, it’s gold for anyone who like to say the words apocalyptic post hardcore and should do the job to keep you company all summer.

Now, those who knew Breach and their music before have probably added “Feasts on your gone 10″ limited edition” in their ebay’s wish list, all that before having even downloaded it and listen to it. But those who didn’t will now understand what I mean when I say. It’s the same. IT’S THE FUCKING SAME!!! And even the drummer is there, and the fucking bass player is there with his metallic bass sound coming straight from Satan’s blacksmith own anvil. But as our friend Peik would say, don’t misunderstand me right here. It’s the same but THAT’S what’s so fucking awesome!

Breach is a band that ended something like 8 or 9 years ago right after releasing a sublime “Kollapse” album, and living numerous fans across Europe (except maybe Norway surprisingly) in despair of never seeing them live. In December 2007 they made one reunion show that gathered hardcore fans from all over the continent (Except maybe Norwegians) filling up Stockholm’s Debaser to its last limit. They played a majestic show, actually no, they played 2 majestic shows one after the other, with two different settings, 2 different atmospheres in the music as well as in the lightning and with as many guests as you can get at once. An awesome moment that everybody took for what it was, a farewell. They would never come back as Breach and the band would leave a huge gap in my musical landscape. Neurosis? Isis? Cult of Luna? Blah Blah Fucking BLAAAAH… Nobody does it like Breach did. Until now.

Anger must have been hitching Toma Liljedahl‘s guts so much that he had to express it again by ripping off his own throat and living it wide open for us to enjoy the darkness of his heart. Throwing at you their implacable beats and their mind haunting melodies, The Old Wind take things where Breach left them and where they’ve always been: To hell. The entire record has been written by Toma alone and from what I understood surfing browsing the web, the band is intended to stay a studio project, but maybe if we pray very strong, we’ll get a chance to see them live. I’m starting now… Dear little satan…


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