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8 .3 Blodsprut/Freddy The Dyke  by  Blodsprut/Freddy The Dyke
Released: 05/10/2013 • Label: Drid Machine

Out of Stavanger comes a two duo split cassette featuring Blodsprut and Freddy The Dyke; yet another excellent release from Kjetil Brandsdal (Noxagt)’s Drid Machine Records.

This time its a 3 track cassette with one by Blodsprut (Anders Hana and Patrick Petterson) and two tracks by Freddy The Dyke (Gaute Granli and Bendik Andersson).

Blodsprut (previously called Krybbedöd) delivers 6 minutes of maddening grindcore (with some parts at a slower tempo as well). This is for people who think The Locust are just too wimpy. The song is untitled and I can’t make out the vocals, so I am gonna assume it’s about rainbows and unicorns (well, not really).

The oddly named Freddy The Dyke feature rather danceable songs “Hamenikashe” and “Tambacounda”. “Hamenikashe” is the standout of the two (holy shit!), but the tribal “Tambacounda” is a nice followup. Not as mental as the Blodsprut side, but all I can say is that it sounds like Stavanger and that it fits in well on Drid Machine.

Great drumming and a heavy sound well worth spending 5 euros on.

The only negative thing to say about this release is that I wish it was longer (and on vinyl)

Listen below and purchase the nicely packaged cassette or digital copy.


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