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7 .8 Greatest Hits  by  Abuseman
Released: 06/10/2013 • Label: Drid Machine

Like the cassette cover, Greatest Hits is a sort of pixelated mix of foreign electronic beats and digital sounds straight out of the 80s. Stavanger’s Abuseman starts off with some 16bit-ish drums and tape loops, then great samples of middle eastern folk mixed in with drum machine and haunting keyboard melodies.

More sampled vocals follow, over irregular drums and keys, carrying you off to what sounds like Africa, or maybe India? Finally ending on an electrical current of a downtempo beat. It’s a strange and interesting mix of old and new world sounds.

At about 22 minutes the tape goes by pretty fast, never producing a boring moment throughout the rather short and varied songs. Not sure what to call it other than an “eastern influenced experimental beats record”. The “Greatest Hits” might be tongue-in-cheek, but it’s definitely filled with hits.

Listen and pick this pretty cool release on Stavanger’s Drid Machine Records up below.


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