Kill Yr. Ego, Oslo 13.08.03 by Noxagt

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7 Kill Yr. Ego, Oslo 13.08.03  by  Noxagt
Released: 06/24/2013 • Label: Drid Machine

Tape number two in the Noxagt live series on Drid Machine Records out of Stavanger.

This one’s recorded in Oslo after The Iron Point recording session.

As usual with the DM tapes, its a screen-printed sleeve printed by Oregon-based Stumptown Printers that specialize in unique sleeves, and features renown metal producer Billy Anderson on vocals.

A bit more in the red sounding recording here compared to the previous release, but still a nice documentation of Noxagt live during their heyday.

The setlist looked like this:

Enter Sandnes / Acasta Gneiss / A Blast from the Past / Naked in France / Blood Thing / Svartevatn / The Hebbex / Cockburn

Plenty of great songs here with some bizarre lyrics mixed in: “Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey.” (I doubt a lot of lyrics weren’t written for this gig.)

With the screaming vocals over the heavy as ever sound of the band, it creates more of a metal feel. I assume this was a one off gig with Billy Anderson (who produced Iron Point) trying to add something to an already perfect constellation. I prefer the band without vocals, still its a cool record which you can check out below.



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