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7 .8 A Quest for True Calypso  by  Brødrene Löwenstierne & their Calypso Quintet
Released: 06/27/2013 • Label: Lowenbros Records

A warm, fuzzy, enjoyable Grünerløkka-esque pearl good particularly for consuming atrocious amounts of alcohol and throwing backyard summer parties to. Listening to this record actually made me want to go to Aku Aku and get one of their infamous “bowls” of alcohol (essential Oslo vice….).

2013-07-31 11.37.24 am

We’re chuffed to get really cool vinyl in the mail, on net and ocean green vinyl.

If you’re into this sort of thing (for some it teeters on the edge of cheese)– the execution is very, very good. Brødrene Löwenstierne were formed by backing singers to the late Norwegian artist Saint Thomas, and inspired by the Caribbean Calypso singers such as Jamaica Duke. The Norwegian bros did a bit of homework and started releasing tributes to a lot of music lost in this folk music heritage. Lots of classic calypso tunes and cover songs, like, “Lord Brynner” and “Marty Robbins”, and their own Norwegian touch in “Gå Til Onkel”.

Also you can’t help but love in -10 degree, dark gloomy temperatures, two skinny white guys are  singing about buying donkeys, waving a ukelele and donning straw skirts. Next time you meet your friend with a quiff, remind them to pick this up at Big Dipper.


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