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7 Catomountain / Hodmandod  by  Romvelope
Released: 08/01/2013 • Label: Adaadat Records

This new 7 inch arriving in the mail from Adaadat Records out of the UK immediately got my attention. I remember Adaadat from cool artists like Agaskodo Teliverek, DJ Scotch Egg and Gay Against You; the last two grazing the shores of Oslo several times.

This record comes from London based, Norwegian/Scottish experimental artist Bjørn Hatleskog aka ROMVELOPE (who also runs Adaadat).

A lot less danceable than mentioned Adaadat artists, this reaches the realm of experimental drone, noise and beats made with homemade instruments.

The A side, “Catomountain” combines the sounds of a variety of buzzers with a beat and a little keyboard melody, while the B side, “Hodmandod” feature an organ sound that drones into more of a meditative listen.  Not much info about the record except for some lettering in Runes style (see picture of Romvelope presenting his record above) and it only has a plastic sleeve as a cover.  An interesting little record, part of a series of 7”, this being number 2.

Check it out:


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