The real reason why I love to travel.

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Summer is the season for vacationing, for traveling. And unless you are at the very bottom of the food chain, there is an expectancy that you go travel.

Honestly, what else is there to do at this time of year? I had lunch with my friend in the tech-industry the other day, and he made a joke about how he would make the European equivalent of Amazon, it would be just like Amazon, only closed in July and August. Hahah hehehe he. Thatz funny…’cus its true.

Seriously, if you ever find yourself in some bureaucratic clusterfuck during the summer in Europe… ya, good luck with that.

If you see closely, you can see straight in to the mens room and a guy is standing there peeing, and at the sides of the pic theres ppl in opposite directions with suitcases, out of the frame...

If you see closely, you can see straight in to the men’s room and a guy is standing there peeing.

I usually go somewhere too, except this summer. This summer I was supposed to stay at home, in Oxlo, and my friends from all over visit ME. So they came, from North Carolina, from Melbourne, Australia, and the city lit up and was a different place all of the sudden, because of their presence. But one after another they left, the city was its old self again, and when heat and still air trapped underneath the clouds making Öslo a sweltering pot– the oppressive sense that nothing had changed and everything was as it used to be became to much to bare; I booked me a flight and got me some train tickets.

I like to travel. No, that does not do it justice, I love to travel. And I wonder why.

Is it as cheezy and easy as like, traveling makes you feel like you move…ya know, because you do? It could be that easy. And if so, traveling is the opposite of standing still, which not only do I despise, I fear it, very deeply so.

When you travel, you move, – even by sitting still! On a plane..on a train.. That’s what makes that particular sitting still so immensely more satisfying than sitting still, say, on your couch, you know, at the end of the day.

Even if you need to sit still because you had a day filled with activities like working, studying, exercising, eating…even if all those activities felt super meaningful and stuff..sitting still on that train makes so much sense! Sitting still on your couch does not.

obligatory french food pic

obligatory french food pic, flaming crepes

And the claustrophobic reality that of you have to go to bed to be able to repeat the exact same ritual tomorrow, can give any individual with the ability to ponder about their own brain a pounding migraine.

Travel, is escape. It shakes you out of the everyday. And even though you know, at some point this journey will take you back to the same door that you so thoroughly locked before leaving it behind, -you don’t know whats gonna happen on this journey. There is the mystical, fantastical possibility, yes, it is the possibility that it might…change you.

So, that’s it then? My cure for madness, the intense fear of being stuck, apparently, is traveling?

Huh, I suppose. I suppose you can as easily go mad from excessive traveling though. We all know how it went for The Narrator in Fight club, Edward Norton, lost sense of time, insomnia, constipation, loneliness, – made him Tyler Durden, ‘member? Oh well, he probably had a disposition for schizophrenia or whatever the hell it was that he got.

Everybody loves a good road movie, even in Sideways, contrary to what the title indicates, the characters go through a metamorphosis of sorts.

Perhaps traveling is THE easiest way to feel like you’ve evolved as a person, because you can literally just sit back and enjoy the ride, let new experiences, new worldviews (quite literally) alter your brain, and go home with some metaphorical souvenirs in your metaphorical koffert, err, suitcase.

In conclusion I should probably live on a train that starts wherever and goes around the world in a spiral. Till that train exists though, deal with it.

From France with love,

– your stoner fashoinista.

boy on a bicycle, just 'cus?

boy on a bicycle, just ‘cus?

Photos by TSF, Lomo by Ghostkamera



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