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OK, so like it’s some years ago now already, I’ll admit. But when Arcade Fire came with that Neon Bible album, I was like, this is new… and this sounds cool. I could be hip with the times. It sounded like old Bruce Springsteen. I liked it and I got it. But that “indie”-whatever genre (whatever the hell that means) took off. But then it got…so…much in your face indie. Like the explosion of Mumford and sons???! I DON’T GET IT. You lost me at -is your band name a clothing-line? Maybe indie is the wrong word. It is. What about hipster folk? Better.

Now all the new and hip with-the-times music sound like Tears For Fears. Seriously.
That one Sky Ferreira-song:

Everyone lost their shit over that Grimes Genesis video, yeah it looked like something outta 1998, so what?

I liked the nineties before it became so ninetiesish. I liked the first part of the nineties. The rest was garbage.

All these songs now revoke nightmares of me in my buffalo boots and low cut mellow pants. ‘member those? I do.

To all you nineties-kids, as in born in the nineties, I actually went to some of those crappy raves in 97/8. I was too young to know better, and too young to get the good drugs. All we had was Rohypnol, or “hyppere” and Russian smuggle vodka. IT SUCKED. Ok so that new Blood Orange song, “You’re not good enough” is kinda cool. It reminds me that I never listened to Prince anyway.

The only one, famous, who does anything fresh, is Ye. He has consistently made great albums throughout the 2000’s. But he’s such a laugh now, and his videos are so fucking embarrassing that I don’t trust his artistic anything anymore.

Youtube link to Kanye “bound 2 ” video

You’ve probably seen Seth Rogan and James Franco’s version …?

The most fun I’m having is watching Lady Gaga perform Do what U want with R. Kelly. Now that IS funny.

Lady gaga feat. R. Kelly on SNL

No, I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. I refuse to do it. Fuck this.
I’ll retreat to my cave now and listen to Fu Manchu forever. Good-bye.

Fu Manchu – Evil eye


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