Best of 2013: Larry Krust´s Top 5

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Beastmilk- Climax. If Glenn Danzig fronted mid eighties era Killing Joke it might sound like these guys. My love for Danzig and Killing Joke immediately got me into this record, and it´s a near perfect LP. Produced by Kurt Ballou of Converge, it´s one of the weirder records he has done, but nonetheless breaking out of the norm has definitely done these guys good. One of the best debuts ever.Chelsea Wolfe – Pain is Beauty. Magical. Gives me chills. “We hit a wall” is almost 100% surely my favorite track of 2013, but there are still a couple days left, so let´s say its 99,5% sure. The show she played with Russian Circles at Blå was also a highlight. A great record. When I spun it at the bar I work at, random people would always ask what it was.

Coliseum – Sister Faith. Louisville no.1 punk band, the Black Magic Punks that still keep the word vital after many years of diluted fedora wearing urban outfitter emloyees have misused that word to the point of literally making me hurl. These guys keep it true and simple, and are one of my favorite “new” punk bands. By new I mean not from the seventies or early eighties. By punk I mean, three chold, gruff vocals and rad beats. By band I mean a group of people that play their own instruments in a room.

Departures – Teenage Haze. Technically not released in 2013, but came out late November ´12 so nevermind. Great post HC that sounds like it´s 1999 again. I loved 1999. I partied like it was 1999. Shit, it´s still 1999 in my head.

 Touche Amore – Is survived by. Released by Deathwish. I keep being surprised by the “mellower” side of J. Bannons label. This record got a fair share of spins this year.


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