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You’re probably sick of Best of… lists by now, but a perusal of most music mags left us believing this was a matter we really needed to attend to. While one of our editors was dodging crocodiles in Ethiopia, the other going to all-night ragers in Seattle, and the third, sitting at Gamlebyen Oslo Sportsbar for 600 consecutive days unbeknownst to some just because she quit updating her Facebook status— utterly terrible “year in review” lists were being pounded out, like the press had some sort of collective amnesia. Too much good stuff in Norway was left unheard. So we regrouped and came up with this list.

Here’s a few highlights of favorite NOR ’13 releases, in no particular order- and we’ve stuck most of the tracks here on Spotify. Stream our playlists directly from our front page and let it run while you read, are stuffing a burger in your face, etc.

1. Tremoro Tarantura video & single – Cameneon (BLEU)

We were lucky enough to feature them for our cover story back in May. TT are taking Norway by storm these days. Be sure to check them out Revolver during By:Larm in upcoming weeks.

“But I think that humans do have a strong need to categorise external stimuli and attach meaning to it to make the world a safer and predictable place to be. Making patterns, arranging music and organising it might be a sign for just that. Musical conventions and traditions might work as some kind of safety-net in that sense… There are different types of people; those interested in safe and predictable, and those who want to experience new stimuli and move on. And most of us probably fall somewhere in between.” Read May Issue Interview with Mateus, frontman of Tremoro Tarantura

2. Beglomeg – 12″-MAXI – Sabzi/Zombie Tapaz

“The band carries neuroses on their sleeves… all the meanwhile soliciting the audience in sympathy. Holing up assholes from Martha`s Vineyard far deeper then is healthy for most growing boys. This album sounds like insomnia. Boy George in a lucid dream. Like bad cake stuck to a stripper`s tits. Imagine if Litteraturhuset became a sweaty whore house: this would be the soundtrack playing.” 8/10 – Read our review “Beglomeg Comes in Spurts”

3. Gerilja – Step Up Yr Game

Our Stoner Fashionista had the opportunity to pluck the brains of this massively underrated Oslo band. Like we said once before, imagine listening to a QOTSA album when you don’t have to skip over every third song. Mix in some shredding prowess that’s truly magical. Read Sept Issue Interview with Ottar and Alecz from Gerilja

“Those words got real stuck in my head, so I asked Phil, “Whoozit band?” and Phil laughed. He hadn’t shaved in days, and when he opened gaping mouth it revealed his lack of teeth. “Summthing like Go-rilla but spelled all fancyyy,” he slobbered, “Like Fraynnch or sumfing. Gerrrr-iiii-l-jaaaa.” Gerilja, so there you had it. My new feckin soundtrack to life.” 9/10 – Read our review “New Life in the Blast Zone”

4. Tusmørke – Den Internasjonale Bronsealderen

Bad Sounds gives a pre-emptive apology for not giving enough coverage to this fucking amazing band. Seriously. If there was an equal amount of articles in Norwegian press dedicated to discussing this band as members of the Nikolaisen family, the world would be a better place. There is nobody who comes close to sounding like Tusmørke, and the closest band I CAN think of is probably, Gong, which is like, huge dude.

5. All of DRIDMACHINE LABEL releases!!

We swear to you, they don’t pay us to keep giving good reviews of their records, we swear…

  7.8/10 Read our review “Abuseman – Greatest Hits”

  8.3/10 – Read our review “Blodsprut/Freddy the Dyke”

  8.0/10 Read our review of Noxagt’s re-release cassette tape live series

  8.0/10 – Read our review “Clifford Torus”

6. Svarte Greiner – Black Tie

We can’t get enough of Erik Skodvin’s releases, or stuff from his label Miasmah in general. We just wished more would take notice!

 7. Moon Relay – Moon Relay

“Breathing fresh air in the Oslo scene, Moon Relay bring back the guitar sounds of Glenn Branca, and other no-wave artists in a hypnotic and very likeable instrumental mix. Sort of a space exploration themed surf rock/noise dance party… whatever the hell that is.” 8.8/10 Read our review “Moon Relay”


There was of course, tons of other good shit, but you’ll just have to listen to them on our Spotify playlist. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren that once upon a time in 2014, a group of kids DIDN’T think 2013’s creme de la creme consisted of: 1) Overhyped ADD hardcore bands reliving a era all of us in suits went through like, fifteen years ago; 2) Kids who look like cocained-out themes to their own amusement park ride; 3) Super whiney chick shit in unisex topshop fucktard gear polluting all those purply Scandinavian music blogzzz; 4) Another big fat hairy 70’s tweed-laced wankathon.

We’re done. Onto 2014!




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