TOY live at Cafe Mono 11.03.14

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The skinny-black jeans straight out Brighton psych pop band TOY engulfed a crowd at Cafe Mono last week.
Those damn rebellious kids and their long hair…..But enough about the look of the band. Onto more important things, the music.

TOY played exactly 3 good songs this evening. One from the first album and two from their latest album Join The Dots out on Heavenly Recordings. The rest of the songs fell somewhere in the middle of the road with a sprinkling of down right boring.

An above average sized crowd for a Tuesday night filled most of the floor area (that’s fit for seeing shows at Mono…so about up to the pole by the bar…. standing further back you can’t see much.) What Mono got going for themselves is the great sound system, which made TOY sound pretty massive on the small stage.

Unfortunately TOY do not have enough solid songs to fill a gig.
They played a rather long set at that, as the only band of the night.
They could have cut out about 3-4 monotonous high speed numbers towards the end, and the crowd thinned out a bit after the first half of the show.

Most interesting either when playing the less manic numbers, the more pop oriented songs, or when they break into a psychedelic wall of noise. Highlight of the night were the melodious number “Endlessly” and the final number of the evening; the NEU! inspired “Join the dots”.

All in all, a pretty good performance, with a decent level of energy for a sleepy Tuesday night in Oslo. Toy could benefit from a better set list though; but I’m not sure they got that in their repertoire…

Out of the 100 photos I took, these are the best ones,…shockingly. Thanks to HTC Desire as always. – tomb


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