NO BALLS – I’m so happy I can die

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8 I’m so happy I can die  by  NO BALLS
Released: 1.1.14 • Label: Drid Machine

Holy shit balls. Here’s a new release from No Balls; the post- Brainbombs project from Anders Bryngelsson from Hudiksvall, Sweden. Yet another solid cassette release/work of art from Drid Machine out of Stavanger Norway.

You get what you expect from No Balls 3rd release. I’m so happy I can die continue the post-Brainbombs sound, but with a more refined and focused feel. The wild trumpet solos are still present in the harsh no wave noise. The heavy repeating riffs still drive the tracks as always, but about mid way some elements of funk, eh post-funk surface in the mix. It nevertheless makes for a punishing instrumental ride.

No Balls seems to be whittled down to a solo project now, so Bryngelsson has recruited some help from Norway for some live dates in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. At the end of May (the 29th) No Balls will play at Last Train in Oslo. Bryngelsson has with him on bass and drums, Kjetil D Brandsdal and Jan Christian Kyvik Lauritzen from Noxagt as well as David Gurrik from Anal Babes on synth making for some kind of twisted Scandinavian supergroup. I don’t think this band plays much live (if at all) so this will be a definite must see show.

Check it out and pick this up from Drid Machine below:


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