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7 The Bet  by  Benjamin Finger
Released: 01/06/14 • Label: Watery Starve Press

Down the rabbit hole we go…

Collage type ambient music can be a nice listen sometimes.
You can put it on in the background while you read, or just close your eyes and relax and let it take you away into (day)dreamland. I must admit, I don’t put stuff like this on to dance around the room like a hippie or while I’m driving, still, in the right setting it can be a nice experience. Based in Oslo, Benjamin Finger’s been making records for quite some time both as a solo artist, but also as one half of the duo Beneva vs. Clark Nova. The Bet is Fingers fourth solo full length album; this one released on Watery Starve Press.

The Bet is a dark and sometimes pleasant record that takes the listener on a spaced out journey into a world of field recordings, ambient electro noise, and samples of all sorts . I get a puzzle game vibe here too…sorta like the music from the amazing Botanicula (That’s today’s only nerd reference, and the only video game reference I will make until the new Next Life record comes out.)

It’s too disjointed to be relaxing. Maybe it’s music for an art installation? Is it meant as part of something else? An acid trip perhaps? I don’t know. Some parts are soothing with a voice floating over the piano, others are manic and noisy; more soundscapes than songs. Still, it’s well made and an interesting listen. Plus points also for the use of some great cover art.

You gotta be in the right mood for this kind of music and it’s not for everybody, (especially in this ADHD internet world) but if you got the time and patience, give this record a spin.

Check it out below:

Benjamin Finger – Nasal Breakdown (Official Video) from Frank Benjamin Finger on Vimeo.


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