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4 .2 Atlantic Auto  by  Children And Corpse Playing In The Streets
Released: 05/23/14 • Label: CHILDREN AND CORPSE RECORDS

It’s very likely from the beginning that, no matter what, the most interesting thing about a band called Children And Corpse Playing In The Streets, will be their name. It’s definitely a good way to get people’s attention however, it’s just that these two ladies’ second album doesn’t do enough to keep us interested.

That being said, it’s not that hopeless. The fact that they have translated polar bears directly from Norwegian to English («isbjørn») and called them «icebears» is kind of cute. It’s not a bad song either. «Sunlight» is a really cool song, with some neat half-noisy guitars with a whole passive-aggressive feel to it; the highlight of the album by a million miles. It’s followed by another nice one, even though it’s almost like an interlude, «You Shine, You Should Hide», a short and strange but interesting piece, sort of something Jenny Hval/Rockettothesky could have done.

Their biggest problem becomes obvious at their quirkiest, when they also sound like an uninspired and downright boring version of CocoRosie. The world doesn’t really need that; CocoRosie has given us enough of those boring moments themselves. Although also some magnificent highlights (of which are absent on this release).

It’s rare that I think or say this, but I almost wish that this band would be a little more pretentious, like their name. At least that would make it a little less boring. Less children, more corpse, perhaps?


Check out some tracks here or here.

Children And Corpse Playing In The Streets play a midday release party in Oslo on the 31st of May.

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