Deafheaven can suck it!

May 13 • By • 1685 Views • No Comments on Deafheaven can suck it! 2014, Albums, INTL REVIEWS, Issue 28 // May 2014

3 .5 Sunbather  by  Deafheaven
Label: Deathwish

I’ve wanted to say this for like a year: what utter shite mallcore. The oh so cleverly timed blastbeats and ridiculous tama cobra double bass drumming + emo refrain-a-ridge (yes, I just invented that word) makes me cringe. This is music for people who spend $200 on a Fred Perry shirt, but are too cheap to tip at their local vegan restaurant. The idea of Pitchforkizing (new word #2) black metal (proof: cover art synonymous with American Apparel poster) makes me wanna vomit. In Norway, shit this clean posing as “dark” is bound to get soiled.



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